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Adventures and excursions in Transcarpathia

The company arendaplus decided to visit one of the interesting excursions "Transcarpathian Adventures + Party in Transcarpathia".

1 day excursion

In the parking lot of the station, we were waited by a good bus and a pleasant tour guide. The audience on the tour was selected varied and their different cities. We left Lviv at 08:00, right on schedule.

On the way to the first sanitary stop, our guide Victoria introduced us to the sights along the way, got acquainted with us and we immediately paid for all the subsequent activities of our excursion.

For the entire tour paid approximately 2200 UAH. - it is accommodation, travel, meals, tastings, thermal waters and fun. Really, not expensive.

The first stop is Verkhnyaya Grabovnitsa (review of the Carpathian bunker).

This grand bunker, is the most preserved and interesting object super powerful when the defensive line Arpad. The local guide told in detail and showed us this bunker, quite interesting.

The second stop is Mukachevo (lunch in a cafe). 25-30 minutes we took a breath.

The third stop - Beregovo - swimming in the new thermal pool "Skylark".

Thermal water (temperature 31-45 C). For 2 hours we relaxed a bit, took a break and went.

The fourth stop - Beregovo volcanic lowlands (wine tasting).

We listened to a whole lecture about wine, we were treated to different wines, we bought wine with us and went to sleep.

Fifth stop - Settlement in the houses of rural green tourism right near the border.

We were provided with beautiful, clean 2 and 3-bed rooms, given 30 minutes to clean up. After 30 minutes in the central hall were laid tables with yummy and brewing, in short all inclusive.

After the abundant use of food and drinks, the concert and entertainment program “Party in Transcarpathia” began. A white tsigank appeared in which we learned Victoria and the show began. The ability to organize fun for tourists is one of the features of our guide.

2 day excursion

Breakfast and departure to Botar (tasting jam and sausages).

The sixth stop is Bothar.

For 40-50 minutes, we again sat at the tables with various varieties of lekvara (jam), sausages with Mongolian pigs and ecological juices. After trying everything and choosing the necessary women, they mostly filled the bags and packages with the purchased goods. Skimping on, we continued to move.

The seventh stop - Velyatin (swimming in the thermal pool).

Local water rises from a depth of 1000 meters, has a temperature of more than 36 degrees, is 33 times higher than the salinity of the sea and is famous for its high content of iodine and bromine.

On the territory of 3 thermal, 2 mineral and 5 freshwater pools, where in addition to rehabilitation, you can get a big charge of positive and pleasure.
After swimming and entertainment in the nearby restaurant was lunch. Again on the road.

Eighth bus stop - Hust (inspection of an ostrich farm)

The ostriches greeted us kindly and gladly snapped out tufts of grass from our hands. Adults of this species can reach a height of 2.7 m. And weigh up to 130 kg.

Ninth stop - Lower Selishche (snail tasting)

This is the gastronomic center of Transcarpathia, where, recently, edible certified snails of the species Helix have been raised. The meat of these animals is not only tasty, but also very useful, because it does not contain cholesterol and has many trace elements. We looked at how snails are grown and tasted them stuffed with different sauces with wine. After a kind of tasting, they moved towards Lvov.

Arendaplus invites everyone to visit Transcarpathia, where you can learn more about the customs and culture of Transcarpathia.

Early departure from Lviv should not disturb guests from other cities.

Arenapdlyus will offer to rent an apartment in Lviv for daily rent for your accommodation before departure. Travel with us, and we will create you maximum comfort.

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