Apartments booking:
(067) 93-980-21
(063) 31-403-23 | (095) 176-95-85
Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days


Apartments booking:
(067) 93-980-21
(063) 31-403-23 | (095) 176-95-85
Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Daily | Longterm | Sale

If you are going to rest in the Lviv area and have not yet decided where to stay, we can offer you our service - rent houses and villas for daily/long term, as well as the sale of houses and villas in Lviv.
There is a great choice of comfortable and cozy apartments and villas, which you can rent daily. All of them are equipped according to European standards and situated downtown or in a prestige housings complexes.
Similarly we offer you reliable information about where to eat, places to rest and entertain. Our staff will make maximum efforts to help you to rest in our region and get the charge of energy.
Rent house or villa in Lviv - ideal accommodation during your holiday or business trip. Moreover, if you are interested in daily rent of housing, regardless of the number of rooms, and houses as well, you can check out our webpage "Daily free today apartment house Lvov", where all available TODAY housing on the website is listed.


По лоту :
Price: until Persons: until Date:
Apartments rent Lviv 24, Kiyevska St.
№144 24, Kiyevska St. (Vacant)
Rooms: 4| Persons: 18| Floor 1
Apartments rent Lviv hostel «EUROPE»
№292 hostel «EUROPE» (Vacant)
Rooms: 4| Persons: 26| Floor 2
Apartments rent Lviv Lvov, Gorodotskaya, 224
№80 Lvov, Gorodotskaya, 224 (Vacant)
Rooms: 4| Persons: 11| Floor 2
Apartments rent Lviv vil. of Paseky Zubritskaya
№211 vil. of Paseky Zubritskaya (Vacant)
Rooms: 6| Persons: 12| Floor 1
Apartments rent Lviv Bryukhovychi str. N. Ukr.
№865 Bryukhovychi str. N. Ukr. (Vacant)
Rooms: 4| Persons: 10
Apartments rent Lviv 24, Hnatyuka St.
№486 24, Hnatyuka St. (Vacant)
Rooms: 4| Persons: 8
Apartments rent Lviv Bryukhovichi-Lviv
№129 Bryukhovichi-Lviv (by 11.11.17)
Rooms: 5| Persons: 12
Apartments rent Lviv Kryvonosa St.
№802 Kryvonosa St. (by 01.10.17)
Rooms: 2| Persons: 11| Floor 1