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Festival of street food in Lviv

From 24 to 26 May in the Park of Culture and Rest. Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Lviv was held Street Food So Good Festival of street food.

Arendaplus visited the festival. The cost of admission is 40 hryvnia. (quite normal)

The park has become a center for eating street food - this is natural, but the fact that the organizers of the festival arranged a real holiday for children, the festival "Gems" is great.

children are preparing, arendapluschildren's performance, arendaplus

children perform, arendapluscooks are trying, arendaplus

The joyful faces of the children who were preparing for this holiday may have performed for the first time on such a "huge" stage in their colorful costumes.

Moms and dads, who proudly watched their children, supported the performance.

you can eat, arendaplusdelicacies, arendaplus

sweets for every taste, arendaplusdelicacies made, arendaplus

Various activities were organized for children at the top of the park:

- bike rental;

- tennis;

- badminton;

- ball games;

- various quizzes and outdoor games, it was not boring.

Who won, arendaplusare talking, arendaplus

Biking, arendaplusget the ball, arendaplus

For those present, various dishes and snacks were offered, recreation areas were organized, and biotoilets were displayed.

It was possible to entertain indefinitely.

Many of the city visitors, visitors, used the services of the rental site, booked accommodation in Lviv and after the holiday continued to enjoy the beauty of Lviv.

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