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Christmas holiday in Lviv

Holidays in Lviv were held from 6 to 9 January.

With the beginning of the holiday, numerous visitors to the city were offered a huge choice of accommodation and excursions to historic places of Lviv.

The site arendaplus actively offered everyone to rent a flat in Lviv for rent. Unfortunately, there was no particular activity to apartment rental in lviv during the holidays.

Attendance in Lviv decreased due to events in Ukraine and increased housing prices in Lviv.

Celebrations began at 12:00 near the Town Hall, together with the mayor of the city, deputies, Lviv citizens and guests of the city. At the den on the Market Square, a joint caroling took place, after which a column of participants with small didukhs would go to the place of installation of a large Christmas symbol in Yavorsky Square.

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After the establishment of Didukh, there were: children's folklore ensemble “Spring”, choir “Gomon” and others.

On January 7, the Christmas festival began in Shevchenko's Guy.

The guests of the holiday were acquainted with the history of the oldest parts of Shevchenko's Gaya and showed ancient customs.

carols with a den, rent apartments in LvivKalyadniki, rent apartments Lviv

In addition to carols, visitors were given the opportunity to try traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes.

During the festival there were numerous master classes.

On January 8, representatives of various regions and countries gathered near the Dominican Cathedral.

With different stars in their hands were adults and children. They praised tourists and introduced them to the traditions of Western Ukraine.

The main star was the star-keeper of Ukraine.
Christmas stars were decorated with threads, fabrics, ribbons. The stars were bright and colorful. Star - the decoration of any den.

collection of astrologers, rent an apartment in LvivStar-stars, apartments for rent in Lviv

Then they staged a traditional procession of astrologers in which the mayor of the city took part.

Kolyadniki, followed by guests from other cities of Ukraine and from abroad.

The craftsmen make an even number of rays on each Christmas star. Corners in a star give richness to the product.

Astrologers began to move from the Dominican Cathedral to the Town Hall, then to Liberty Avenue. In the procession were various Christmas stars. The main "Bereginya" with the image of Ukrainian women.

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