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Lviv time

City Lviv is famous not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy its cultural and historical monuments.

In 2009, the Lions became the cultural capital of the Ukrainian state.

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Maybe because the city is in the middle of two time zones, the first and second, there are so many unusual timepieces.

The first were the sun, and were used by the ancient Greeks in 1459 BC. Now they are at a certain house "Seasons", where the god Chronos keeps track of time. Lviv residents for more than six centuries, to find out the exact time, look in the direction of the Market Square, where the Old Town Clock. In the 15th century they had a bell, weighing over one hundred kilograms. Remodel them three times. Who is the Town Hall clock - grandfather, which are more than one hundred and sixty years, and they were brought from Vienna.

There is a clock that shows the time of Lviv.

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Are they on the facade of a seven-storey House of legends. Lviv Time difference is that it is behind Kiev for twenty-four minutes.

Every evening at nine o'clock or 21:24 Kyiv time tourists gather in the house to watch the battle of Lviv hours. It was at this time, the dragon starts spewing flames from the mouth, and on the front of the tram goes from one stop to another, and then - back.

The clock in the bell tower of the monastery for five minutes in a hurry always. Thus, in Lviv we decided to perpetuate the memory of the monk who saved the city from the invasion of enemies. As the bell tower, he saw the approaching enemy army and sent to watch five minutes ahead. The ringing bells woke the guards, and they had time to close the gate.

Near Mytnaya area again set flower clock, as well as half a century ago. Square flower bed - sixteen square meters. There were planted six hundred bushes carnations. Hours expensive cost 178 thousand hryvnia, a little more than half of the funds were taken from the local budget, the rest - the contribution of sponsors and patrons. Watches created using archival documents.

The authorship belongs to Alexei Burnaeva known watchmaker in Lviv.

The watch is well protected, flowers sprinkled on the dial with a special solution, rather than water. Protected by the clock and by rainfall and by the Vandals, the latter protection is provided by the clock. Design changes with seasons.

In the hotel on Herzen Street, you can see the original watch. Brass figure ladies and gentleman in the style of the last century, are moving at a certain time. The French magazine "Heritage watchmakers» Watch called on the monument in honor of Lviv brewers among the most original models in the world. These watches are placed inside the monument, anyone can touch their arrows, which automatically returns to its original position after a few minutes.

The Museum of Ethnography and Crafts you can see valuable watch collection, the largest in size in the whole Ukraine and known in Eastern Europe.

In the Lviv, more than a dozen hours of original, not accidental tourists popular guided tour, which is called "Opening of Lviv." Visit Lviv and check his watch with those that are in the cultural capital of Ukraine.

We recommend to use the services of our guides, who will tour with you «Lviv hours". It will be interesting.

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