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Stryiskyi park, рride of Lviv

In Lviv city, which is located in Western Ukraine, there is a beautiful Stryiskyi park

It was established more than a century ago (1876 - 1879), thanks to an architect of landscape gardening art Arnold Rering. Formerly in place of the park there was Stryi cemetery, which was closed in 1823.

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Having finished the establishment of the park, it began to be decorated by the trees and bushes, including exotic ones: ginkgo, Japanese lilac, red oak. Composition of the park soil makes it possible to plant here such trees as chestnut, alder, beech, oak, linden and pine. The massive arch at the entrance was was built by the architect H. Shvetskyi-Vinetskyi's project in 1952.

The park area is quite big - 60 hectares. It is divided into three parts - the upper terrace, the woodland park area and the lower takedowns make the park comfortable and original. Here the visitors of this wonderful park can walk down the linden and plane alleys, visit the greenhouse and rock gardens. More than 200 types of trees and shrubs decorate the park. The slowly swimming swans decorate a lake, located not far away from the park entrance.

A monument to Yan Kylinskyi, a hero and a rebel, who took part in the polish rebellion against Russia, is established in the park. This is the reason why the park has a second name - Yan Kylinskyi park. In the middle of XX century the Lviv children's railway, which leads to the fair, has appeared in the park. The fair is conducted annually, since 1922, and attracts foreign and domestic representatives.

Today the park lives active life the whole year. The social life of the city residents is expressed in the creative solutions concerning the park decorations.

For example, the alleys, lined with sofas, or swan shapes made of plastic dishes as a symbol of polluted ecology. The park originality and appeal is in its winding paths, artificial castle ruins, alleys. In winter the park is never empty, people come here to sledge and to enjoy other winter entertainments. No newly married couple leaves the park without their attention on their wedding day.

At present, the Stryiskyi park deservedly is the most favorite place of leisure of Lviv residents and the guests of the city. It is one of the best landscape parks of Europe, which has gained a title "City heritage" for its beauty and uniqueness.

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