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Apartments booking:
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Krakidaly, Lviv

Time before the war is one of the most tragic periods in the history of Lviv.

At the same time there were the most radical changes not only in the social, but also in political history. Walking through city attractions you can notice that there were places of detention.

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It is interesting to visit "Palace of Justice" (Austrian period). There were the loudest processes. However, the most exciting thing would be a walk in the pre-war criminal areas of the city.

Some people can tell you a lot of stories that capture the imagination. For example, one of the most famous areas was the place Torgovitsa. It has different names: "Central Rynok", "Paris", but is best known today as the "Krakidaly".

Today this place where Gorodots'ka Street starts. On the territory of destroyed synagogues and homes there were trading places, from Central Square (St. Theodore) to the Opera House.

Here you can visit the unique Lviv school of pickpockets. In the forties of the 20th century there was banditry. This place is especially famous for its "crazy people", they were known all over the country, some of them were familiar to any resident of the city. And the attitude of people was very different - some spared them, some laughed and some feared.

One of them was drunkard and a porter named Doctor, talking to himself for hours on the impurity of German and Jewish dialect. There was also a professor whose wife had left him with her lover, and then he began to drink and walk around the market with a book, reading aloud antique poets.

There was an atmosphere of deception, because it was then a heaven for fraudsters who invite people participate in gambling (eg. "3 cards"), and people lost all their fortune.

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