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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Modern Lviv

Lviv city has always attracted travelers with its unusual history. For example, it is very interesting to learn about Lviv during modern period.

In the late nineteenth century European architecture had a crisis of eclecticism, there was discrepancy between rational planning and design solutions of buildings, as well as the retrospective nature of their artistic incarnation.

In the historical part of the city, many streets and squares preserved buildings artistically processed in a modern style. Outside Krakow, Mickiewicz Square preserved architectural designs using metal and glass. See these projects we offer in conjunction with the site "Apartments houses Lviv Morshyn Truskavets Skhodnitsa", we offer you to Lviv apartments for daily rent in these or adjacent buildings.

The search for a new architecture caused the formation of a new creative direction, known as modern. In Lviv it appeared in the first years of the early twentieth century, it started to influence on the architecture of the city in the early twenties.

In the first stage of Lviv modern had several common European architecture formal features which include nontraditional forms, use of floral motifs and colorful ceramics.

The last stage, which received in local architectural circles the name of modernism, characterized by a transition from formal methods of early or international modern to more original and individual architectural solutions.

Depending on the primary sources they have features of neo-Gothic, neo-classical and other forms. The national-romantic trend was also interesting, it was based on the popular architecture, the so-called Ukrainian modern.

In the same time there was another direction, the foundation of which was the desire for simplicity of architectural forms and their true reflection of the appearance of the buildings. This division is responsible for architecture development leading to functionalism.

With the acceleration of imperialism the organization of architectural design also changed. Private architectural and construction firms and agencies became widespread. They carried out orders of organizations, companies and individuals. Thematic sculptures and bas-relief panels were used more often, they combined well with monochrome surfaces of the facades.

Modern influenced also on the interior design.

accommodation for rent in Lviv

This can be clearly seen on the photos of the apartment in Saksaganskogo Street 11.

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