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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Classic Lviv

The ancient city of Lviv was lovely at all times of its comprehensive and meaningful history. The European culture of such significant cities as Vienna, Paris, Krakow had great influence on Lviv.

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In the second half of the eighteenth century, the dominant stylistic trends in the European architecture was classicism, which was based on the tradition of ancient heritage. In Lviv, the first buildings, which were influenced in this direction, are houses on Rynok Square, Collegium PR, as well as the palace and the residence of Metropolitan Svyatoyursky.

The classical architecture of the beginning of that century, known as the Empire style, characterized by a special lyricism and the extensive use of sculptural plastic.

High artistic style and grace different sculptural decoration of a number of buildings made by talented artists. Later late classicism appeared in Lviv. Buildings of that period are characterized by rationalism, restraint in the use of decoration, simple architectural forms. These features are inherent in the Town Hall, the old theater and other buildings.

Response to late classicism become the new aesthetic representations addressed to the different styles of the past, not only in Europe, as well as other nations and countries. Classicism is replaced by eclecticism. That meets the needs of the capitalist era where there are many new constructions.

One of the first buildings in Lviv, which reflected a new stylistic direction, became a large complex of homes for the disabled, built according to the canons of the Romanesque fortress architecture.

The religious architecture widely used Romanesque and Gothic forms, significant buildings were built mainly in the pompous style "Vienna Renaissance", which developed during the creation of the Vienna Ring.

The mansions were most interesting, they also reflected folk style that was fashionable in Europe due to imitation architecture of Alpine chalet.

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