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Apartments booking:
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Great Lubie?, Lviv region

In the Lviv region, south-west of Lviv, in the Gorodok district is great Lubie?, which has been known since the 13th century.

This village, which is located near the river Vereschytsia, which is a tributary of the Dniester. The climate here is considered to be very auspicious and is characterized by warm, sunny summers and moderately mild winters.

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First of all, the Great Lubie? famous for its curative sulfuric water springs, the first mention of which is found in the treatise of 1578 Cracow physician V. points.

Here it is one of the famous mud-bath resorts in the forest zone of Ukraine. sanatorium "Lubie? Great" is designed for 300 seats recently renovated. Curative effect of hydrogen sulfide water, which is an analogue of "Matsesta", and hydrogen sulfide mineralized peat mud. By the core areas of treatment include: cardiac, neurological, gynecological diseases.

Great Lubie? stands out for its unusual architecture. All temples are located one behind the other on one side of the road. First, you can see the Greek-Catholic Church related to the type of building basil, though not quite traditional.

Then, it is an Orthodox church built in 1993 and has quite a fabulous view. The Roman Catholic Church is completing a number of churches. Its construction began on the project L. Daychaka only in May 1930, and in 1932 passed the lighting is not yet fully built the temple.

Palace of the Grand Brunitskogo Lubin is one of the few estates of landowners, which have been preserved in the Lviv region. By its design remains unknown. The modern view of the palace acquired in the 18th century, when its owner was family Gumetskih.

Great Lubie? is a village with a calm rhythm of life. Its territory runs alcohol-starch factory, is a branch of the Ukrainian Research Institute and the Experimental Station of Fisheries. Interesting attractions that are worth seeing are: Museum of Local Lore, age-old lime trees alley and the park of the 17th century, occupies 5 hectares.

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