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с. Rudky, Lviv region

City Rudki - literary and religious gem of Lviv region.

The city stands on the river Rudki Cherry Sambir district, Lviv region. Its history goes back to the third millennium BC, as evidenced by the excavations of burial mound dating back to the early Bronze Age.

In the XIV century Rudki were part of the village of Cherry Benkov, in the XV century, it is a separate settlement. Until the XVIII century the place belonged to the Russian voivodship Rzeczpospolita and continually passed from one feudal lord to another.

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Since the path from Lvov to Sambor always passed through Rudki, it was visited by merchants and artisans selling their products. In this regard, the population was engaged in weaving, blacksmithing and cobbler, manufacturing of wheels, extracting the clay, agriculture.

Not surprisingly, in 1646 Rudki acquired the status of the city, which in the first half of the eighteenth century was reinforced by the Magdeburg law.

At the end of the century the city's population did not exceed 450 people, and the number of buildings was equal to 76. The first half of XIX century was marked by the Austrian revolution in Rudka I was glad the district, which included landowners and tradesmen under the chairmanship of the playwright A. Fredro.

The second half of the century went down in history thanks to the development of trade and the opening of the craft school, which taught weaving baskets.

Beginning of the twentieth century brought the construction of the railway station, brick and tile factory, slaughterhouse. The population grew to 3247 people.

Residents attended church, an Orthodox church and a synagogue, ie different denominations were represented. Among Catholics especially popular Baroque (with Renaissance elements) parafialny Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Her miraculous image at all times believers delivered from the disease. And today Rudki is a place of religious pilgrimage. And since the remains of Friedrich kind of lie in the crypt of the church, here also flocking lovers of literature and history.

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