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Komarno, Lviv region

Komarno - a little gem in the crown of Lviv.

The town of Komarno in the Lviv region - the town, at first glance, does not particularly remarkable. However, its ancient history and preserved monuments of antiquity attract the attention of many fans.

Located on the river Vereschytsia Komarno, and that it played a role in the fact that the first settlers have chosen this place. The river and surrounding wetlands protected it from a sudden attack of the enemy. Unearthed in the town of Barrow found evidence of people living here in the first half of the second millennium BC.

The first mention of the settlement date back to 12-13 centuries, and its name comes from the word "gnat".

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Initially Komarno belonged to the dynasty of Polish magnates Miletsky then Vyshnevetsky and Oginski - in those days Lviv was part of the Polish state.

In 1473 Komarno received Magdeburzkoe right and status of the city. Castle and Church - It was then that the two main architectural attractions were laid. However, the town continued to remain low - in the middle of the 16th century, there were hardly in it four hundred inhabitants.

The bulk of the population were craftsmen. Annual fairs and weekly markets Komarno famous throughout the district, and visiting merchants were paying a lot of taxes to the treasury. An important factor in the economic recovery and the town served as its location on the trade route from Ukraine to Europe.

Arriving in Komarno today's tourists will surely love the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, built in 1656. The interior of the Cathedral of ascetic and luxurious at the same time - a lot of statues of saints adorn it.

Wooden Church of St. Michael the mid-18th century. famous all around the story of its latest restoration. Rebuild the temple at his own expense all the inhabitants of Komarno - not only the Orthodox, but also participants in the Greek-Catholic community. Today, the temple and the bell tower of the newly renovated and are a place of pilgrimage and local worshipers and guests.

Today Komarno - a small, pretty town which has retained its unique identity and unhurried pace of life.

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