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Apartments booking:
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The celebration of Christmas in Hutsulia

Memorable offer three days to spend in the Carpathians. Various entertainment, skiing and sledding and Christmas meeting at Verkhovyna.

Dates: 05-07 January.

travel plan:

-1 Day: departure from Lviv (8:00)

Coloma (excursion to the Hutsul Museum, Eggs and dinner)
Dora (tour of the monastery)
Verkhovyna (tasting and purchase live beer "Verkhovyna", accommodation at the Hutsul).

-2 Day: Breakfast and check-out (09:00)

Verkhovyna (tour and photographing in Hutsul clothes at the Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" and a concert tour in the Museum of Roman Kumlyk)
Bukovel (rise chairlift to the top of the mountain Bukovel and review Carpathian panoramas, sledding and skiing)
Verkhovyna (Holy Supper).

-3 Day: Breakfast and check-out (10:00)

Kryvorivnia (review, the Civil House and ritual beginning carols around Church of the Nativity of the Virgin)
Yaremche (review the waterfall, the restaurant Huzulschyna, purchase souvenirs and lunch)
Lions (returning at 22:00).

On await you:

- A celebration of the birth of Jesus in the best place for this, in the capital Gucul'schini - Verkhovyna, because it is one of the best places in Ukraine, which has a long tradition of archaic;
- Familiarity with the history, customs and culture of one of the most interesting ethnic groups of the world - Hutsul;
- The best dishes Hutsul cuisine;
- The most outstanding historical and natural attractions edge: gucul'ski temples, waterfalls, rivers, picturesque Carpathian landscapes, Hutsul museum;
- Exhibition and sale of craft items Gutsulschiny: wood carving, weaving, lischinopletenie, embroidery, musical instruments, Eggs, cheese toys;
- Well, usually snowballs, sledges, skis and other winter euphoria.

Holy Supper in Verkhovyna.

Meeting Jesus' birth takes place in a cafe "Ogonek" in Verkhovyna. Tentative program start 20:00.
On you expect:
- Svyatovechernyaya program, carols, schedrovanie with Hutsul folk chapel "Dovbushova Taistra";
- Competitions for wit and ingenuity, karaoke carols;
- Master classes of Hutsul dances: Gutsulka, sieve Sudarca;
- Hutsul songs, Coloma, songs of the Carpathians;
- Initiation into hutsuly;
- And dance, dance, dance the fiery Hutsul music.
Holy Lenten dinner menu with authentic dishes Hutsul cuisine:
- Kutia, herring, Shuah with mushrooms, grilled fish, mushrooms, dried thick;
- Hutsul meatless stuffed cabbage, cabbage Knyshov;
- Dumplings with poppy seeds;
- Fruit, Pampukha, fragrant medicinal tea from the Carpathian herbs.
- Wine, mineral water, Afeni jelly, stewed fruit.

No tax:. 1095 UAH / person.

You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website site

The price includes: transportation by comfortable bus, accommodation (two nights), the Holy supper (program, food and drink), dinner in the 1st day, breakfast on the 2nd day, breakfast on the 3rd day, maintenance-speaking guide, excursions to museums, travel insurance.

Not included and to be paid extra: entrance fees to museums, lunch in the 1 st and 2 nd day climb to the cableway.

- The National Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttya them. Josaphat Kobrin (general and pension - 15 UAH, the student - 10 UAH, children - UAH 5);
- Pysanka Museum (general and pension - 10 UAH, the student - 5 UAH, children - 3 UAH.);
- Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" (total - 10 UAH, students and children - 5 UAH.);
- Tour concert at the Museum of Hutsul household and musical instruments Roman Kumlyk (general, retired and student - 15 UAH, children - 10 UAH.);
- Lifting chairlift up the mountain Bukovel (total - 35 UAH on both sides, pensioners and children under 11 years - 28 UAH on both sides.);
- Museum "Hutsul grazhda" (general, pensioners and students - 5 UAH, children - 2 UAH.).
Accommodation and food: Accommodation takes place in comfortable Hutsul green tourism estates of Verkhovyna rooms: 2-D and 3-bed with amenities.
Lunch at the 1st day - takes place in the city of Coloma.
Lunch at the 2nd day - comes in the resort Bukovel.

A detailed description of the excursion objects

City of Coloma, one of the most beautiful towns in Galicia, with a remarkable setsesiynoy buildings downtown. Be sure to visit the business card Kolomyya - a unique and the only in the world Museum pisankovoy painting, also known as the "Museum of Eggs", it is located in the largest egg in the world (13.5 m) and has exposure of 12 000 exhibits. The city also offers you one of the best museums in Ukraine - The National Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttya them. Josaphat Kobrin, one of the oldest in Ukraine the wooden church of the Annunciation (1587r.) And City Hall (1877r.), Which is not in the center of the square. Market, and at the crossroads of streets

Dora. In this suburb of Yaremche is a masterpiece of sacred architecture Hutsul tiered wooden church of St. Elijah (1939r.) Studion monastery.

Former Zhabe on the river Black Cheremosh, the center of one of the most interesting regions of Ukraine, warmly invites you to a concert tour in the private Hutsul Museum of everyday life and musical instruments to the musician-virtuoso Roman Kumlyk who plays 18 musical instruments, as well as museum-house movie "Shadows of forgotten ancestors". A pivomanam will especially savor the live beer "Verkhovyna", which is brewed from high quality malt and Bavarian hops on the crystal water of the Carpathian.

Ski resort number 1 in Ukraine, where you can carry out the rise chairlift to the top of the mountain Bukovel (1115m) which offers a wonderful panorama of Gorgan and Montenegrin spine.

The legendary village, which starred "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors," preserved for us a unique structure house-museum "Hutsul grazhda".

Well-known climatic health resort, which is situated between the picturesque mountains in the beautiful valley of the Prut River. Thousands of people each year fascinate cascading waterfall Yaremche and Huk wooden restaurant "Hutsul".

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