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Apartments booking:
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Excursions in Lviv

Arendaplus always ready to fulfill your wishes on excursions. We work with major tour operators in Lviv, we have a base of competent guides willing to provide time for sightseeing, please call and book in advance. We provide you with the opportunity to rent, apartments in Lviv for daily rent, and the best tour for you. Time spent in Lviv will be unforgettable.

Bus tour Lviv

Cost:. 100 UAH / individuals
Duration: 2.5 hours.

Odna of the most popular sightseeing city, which includes a visit to the sacred and historical and architectural sites, remote from the historical center of Lviv. Held in the comfortable transport, accompanied by a qualified guide-guide. It provides stop with a yield of about the most outstanding objects. tour route: Baroque ensemble Arhikatedralnogo Cathedral of St. George (with a visit to the temple);
* Neo-Gothic church of St. Elizabeth.;
* Monastery of St. Lazarus.;
* Monument to Stepan Bandera;
* Landmark Architecture Austrian period - Lviv railway station;
* Cemeteries (with a visit to the museum).
* As well as the rise of the hill to the Castle from the observation platform, where you will see the most beautiful panorama of the city.

Walking tour of "Old Town"

Cost:. 60 UAH / person
Duration: 2 hours.

The route passes through the central part of the city, listed in UNESCO list of world heritage. The tour is conducted by qualified guides, tour guides, combined with activities in the architectural sights, interesting stories and facts. During the tour you will see: Lviv Opera House, pr.Svobody, a monument to Taras Shevchenko, ST. Peter and Paul Church of the Jesuits, Latin Cathedral, Boim Chapel, Market Square with its Renaissance houses-palaces, the Armenian quarter. Pharmacy Museum, Dominican Church, the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral of the Mother of God, the ancient fortifications of Lviv, the former Jewish quarter, the Cathedral of St. Andrew and the Order of the Bernardine monastery, a monument to Daniel Galitsky, Mari Square and A. Mickiewicz.

TOUR "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv"

Duration: 10.00 - 17.00
Cost: 175 UAH.
Additional charge entrance fees
Olesko Castle - an outstanding architectural monument of art and history 13-18, the cradle of the Polish kings and Ukrainian hetman.. The museum contains hundreds of unique works of art, culture, arts and crafts 14-19 Art. Among them - icons, portraits, still life, the big battle paintings, furniture, tapestries, a large collection of sculptures of the Lviv Art School 14-18. At the foot of the hills hiding Capuchin monastery was built at the expense of Seweryn Rzewuski.
Pidhirtsi Castle is one of the oldest in Europe, a combination of sample Renaissance palace from the bastion of the fortifications, built in the 1635 - 1640s. For an indication of the Crown Hetman Stanis?aw Koniecpolski, one of the great magnates of the Commonwealth. It includes a castle ensemble - the palace, surrounded by bastion fortifications, ramparts and ditches, as well as a Baroque church 18 Art.
Zolochiv castle built in the baroque 16-18 Art. like a citadel with bastions. At 17-18 Art. the castle belonged to Sobieski and Radziwills. there is a large late-Renaissance palace and a Chinese palace on the territory of the castle courtyard. Tours are conducted in Olesko and Zolochiv castle. Pidhirtsi Castle in the restoration.
On the grounds of the castle are restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. During the trip to the castles conducted tour: history of the region, castles, stories and legends.

ROYAL Zholkva

Duration: 10.00 - 16.00
Cost - 175 UAH.
Slowness of the route - 110 km.

Zholkva only Ukrainian sample stored Renaissance walled city, a true jewel of the national architectural heritage. Unique examples of architecture and art of the 17th century. - Churches, churches, synagogue amazing skill and talent of the builders, as well as the generosity of patrons. The city is fascinating for its history and architecture. The unique architectural ensemble, which includes fragments of the fortifications, a monumental poznonerenesansky Church St. Lawrence, Ensemble Basilian monastery with the Church of the Nativity of Christ, as well as the synagogue, Dominican monastery and church, the old wooden church of St. Trinity and the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 18th st. The architectural ensemble of the monastery Krehivskogo is a complex, which includes wonderful examples of Galician architectural school of the 17th century. - Church of St. Mykola and bell tower, as well as the cells of the body, outbuildings and old defensive ramparts with towers, which leaned against the wooded hills rich in springs and caves.. As well as a visit to the springs of mineral water, down to 15 kelyam monastic cave art.

Carpathian Castle Tustan, reserve "Skolivski Beskidy"

Duration: 09.00 - 18.00
Cost: 250 UAH.

Tustan Fortress, located in a huge natural rock, was built as a border guard and a point on the trade route that led through the Carpathian passes. On the territory of historical and cultural reserve in s. Urich, Skolivskiy area is a museum of the history of the sights. Tourists can also enjoy the truly magical nature of the back alleys of the Carpathian Mountains. Reserve "Skolivski Beskidy", the central part Skolivskiy area. Today - this is a natural park, which consists of a series of mountain ranges with an average elevation of 1000 m Decoration of the reserve there is a waterfall on the river Kamenka Kamenka.. A lot of small waterfalls and mineral springs with healing water. Higher up in the mountains is Dead Lake. Near the waterfall tour will offer dishes Hutsul cuisine, barbecues, mushroom soup, tinctures on galangal roots, Carpathian teas and many more delicious.

In addition, we can provide other excursions. You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website site

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