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How was the Leopolis Jazz Fest 2019 in Lviv

The great event of June in Lviv was the festival Leopolis Jazz Fest 2019 held from June 26-30, 2019 on the main stages in the center of Lviv.

Jazz enthusiasts waited for this event with inspiration.

Long before this event, the fans booked accommodation in Lviv for daily rent. Prices were overpriced, but they were not embarrassed.

Arendaplus was obliged to attend this musical celebration. Only in Lviv, anywhere in Europe, you will not see such a number of jazz performers and jazz music fans.

The festival organizers tried to organize watching and listening to performances at the highest level, thank you.

Traditionally, the opening of the festival took place on Market Square, free attendance.

It was a hot day, the spectators, who had come in advance, settled under a canopy on comfortable chairs with a white surface.

At exactly 3:00 pm, Marta Bilska, whom we all know, appeared on the stage and actually opened the festival.

Good sound, light, performance on a large screen quickly filled the Market Square with people who want to listen to virtuoso musicians. I would like to note that the festival organizers thought through every detail to make the performers feel comfortable on the stage.

In the evening, 06/26, Arendaplus visited the fan zone of the park to them. B. Khmelnitsky.

Around the perimeter, a crescent moon, all sorts of plans with street food and drink are located.

Under the sheds and openly were located areas for the audience with tables, seating.

A huge screen and amplifiers passed on to everyone in the room everything that was happening on the stage named after Eddie Rosner.

Security at the entrance, inside and around the perimeter, the mass of volunteers followed the order and cleanliness in the area of ​​the festival.

I would like to especially note that all the conditions for hanging out at the moment when the adults enjoyed the performances of musicians were created for the children.

More than 10,000 spectators gathered in the fan zone, everyone had enough space. Lviv Mayor, A. Sadovaya, was in the fan zone and spoke freely with the audience.

27.06 Arendaplus got on the main stage of the name Eddie Rosner.

The covered hall, with air conditioning, ventilation, a huge stage and three huge screens completely amazed the imagination.

Entrance tickets without a seat cost from UAH 500, tickets with seats up to UAH 5,000.

The performance of Etienne Mbappe & the Prophets was immense.

The correct location of the audience, the corresponding light and sound, made it possible to get maximum emotions from the performances of musicians.

During the break, we were waited, properly located, buildings with various snacks, drinks, places for rest and photography. Pleasant service left unforgettable impressions.

The cost, for example, of alcoholic beverages exceeded approximately 2-3 times the restaurant. And rightly so, you came to listen to music, not to use.

More significant was the performance of Diana Krall featuring Robert Hurst. Even P. Poroshenko with his wife appeared in the second part of the concert. The performance was memorable.

The third, fourth day of the festival passed like an unforgettable day.

The fifth and final day when Peter Cincotti performed and Lisa Stansfield gathered the maximum number of spectators.

Everyone was delighted with this celebration of music that was unmatched in Lviv.

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