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Apartments booking:
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Climbing Hoverla, business is booming

Arendaplus, at the request of my relatives and friends, conquered Goverla on 08/04/19.

Before this trip, they found a site offering a one-day excursion to Hoverla, registered.

The requirement to make an advance payment of 100 UAH. for each participant performed. A certain Irina sent the simplest instructions, did not ask who was going, only the number of participants was interested. (it surprised me).

We arrived in Bukovel at 9.00, several times called Irina trying to understand where the driver was with a bus. Finally, at 10.20 a bus took us and within 30-40 minutes we still traveled around Bukovel collecting participants, transferring from one bus to another along the way.

The guide turned out to be a bus driver, on the road, for 10-15 minutes, he talked about the common truths about Bukovel and Goverla, only close people heard.

Throughout 8 km to Goverla access point. Dashing "guys" in camouflage vigilantly track the transport, so that everyone paid an intricate recreational fee for entering the reserve 30 UAH. from person.

Finally we are there, Zaroslyak base, the weather turned bad, it began to rain, I had to equip myself and additionally purchase sticks for hire, rent 30 UAH, a deposit of 100 UAH.

The guide gathered us, led us to the ascent plan and said how to get to the top, with not a word about safety.
Visually knowing who is in the group, they began the ascent.

First climb through the forest. Who pulled, who fell behind. I was almost at the tail.

When we approached the main group, the instructor gave the command to move on. He didn’t even think of rebuilding the group, lagging behind, frisky back.

Every time we tried to catch up with the main group, we did not rest at all and the gap widened.

At the top we found an instructor, he said that he was waiting for us, we got down and went. At Little Hoverla, the instructor was waiting for us, asked how are you and went and left us.

We continued the descent, in the woods fornication. I called my friend back and asked how to get out; there was no instructor anywhere. We tried to ask the passing tourists, but they directed us on the rise.

Ultimately, we got out. Approaching the landing site, near the stalls with food and drink, I saw my instructor.
When asked why he left us in the forest and didn’t bring us to the end of the route, the driver-instructor who had drunk already breathed on me and said that we were waiting for you.

Just nonsense, knowing that his tourists were on the route, he did not take any measures for our speedy return. Moreover, he got drunk behind the wheel and drove us to Bukovel, 15 persons.

There is no limit to indignation. "Cut down" from people for 450 UAH. for the fact that they were transported from Bukovel to Goverla and back, 32 km, and no one is responsible for anything.

The organizers of this "excursion" are very far removed from organizing such a difficult excursion.

No license, no insurance, no guide either. The "milking" machine just works and draws money from tourists.
The Hoverla route is not safe, one wrong move and the consequences can be tragic.

I urge all of you to be vigilant and give your lives to professionals with documents on the right to provide these services.

Arendaplus, Alexander Fomichev, I urge you to distribute this information to all who value their life and the safety of their health.

So far, we are very far from the European standard of living in terms of security.

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