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Chocolate 2018 in Lviv

The next Chocolate Holiday in Lviv took place from 10/12/18 to 10/15/18

Long before this event, tourists chose and booked accommodation in Lviv.

The site arendaplus actively participated in the selection of housing for tourists. Landlords in Lviv significantly raised prices for apartments and tried to fill them for all three days.

Tourists love to come to Lviv during various events held in Lviv. One-room apartments for rent in Lviv were in great demand. Mostly families came with their children to attend the Chocolate Festival.

At the time of the opening of the Chocolate Holiday, there were practically no free housing on the site arendaplus and rent an apartment in Lviv for daily rent it became problematic. Realtors of Lviv tried to help tourists who were late in booking by sharing information about free accommodation in Lviv.

Chocolate Holiday is an interesting event, especially for children, which becomes a sensation and everyone wants to get there. The cost of entrance tickets was 60 UAH. from the person. For a family of 3 persons it is 180 UAH., The factor is not unimportant.

chocolate, apartments Lviv sweets, rent an apartment in Lviv

Visitors to the Chocolate Holiday tried not only chocolate for every taste, but also took part in “chocolate” master classes, and also had the opportunity to purchase special “chocolate” souvenirs for the memory of the holiday.

souvenirs, apartment Lviv chocolate souvenir, apartment in Lviv

I would like to note, in contrast to previous years, the Chocolate Festival was held on the territory of the majestic Potocki Palace (15 Copernicus Street).
A large area on which there are separate canopies with sweets.

souvenirs and sweets, apartment in Lvivchocolate products, rent an apartment in Lviv

I liked everything: chocolate fair and “Children's Chocolate Country”, chocolate sculptures, Homemade pastry chef championship, original chocolate drinks, some chocolate souvenirs. Some chocolate souvenirs (hammers, brass knuckles, wrenches, gears ...) were not in demand at all.

I especially liked the fact that maximum attention was paid to children this year.

attention to children, an apartment in Lvivdrawings of children, rent an apartment Lviv

The special light tent behind the Potocki Palace was filled with happy children, it was their kingdom of fulfillment of desires and creativity.

occupation for children, apartment Lviv occupation of children, rent an apartment in Lviv

I would like to separately thank the organizers of various children's competitions that were held in this tent.

children's classes, apartment in LvivClasses for children, rent an apartment Lviv

activities with children, apartment in Lvivclasses for children, rent apartments Lviv

On the territory itself (on the left side of the Potocki Palace), clowns from Poland tried to cheer children up for the third year in a row. Looking at their primitive games of the 20th century, you wonder if there really were no worthy clowns in Lviv able to show their skills.

clowns with children, an apartment in LvivClowns from Poland, rent apartments in Lviv

We hope that the organizers of the Chocolate Holiday will take into account the wishes:
- make entrance tickets symbolic,
- will find modern Ukrainian clowns for our children,
- diversify souvenirs.

Chocolate Holiday is a children's holiday and one should not forget about it.

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