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Apartments booking:
(067) 93-980-21
(063) 31-403-23 | (095) 176-95-85
Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Rental housing in Western Ukraine - the actual base and reasonable prices

Annually Western Ukraine is visited by more than 5 million foreign tourists. Summarizing the results of three summer months of attendance in the main cities of Western Ukraine, we can say with confidence:

- Lviv - the most visited city of Ukraine. For three months, Lviv was visited by more than 1 million tourists. Lviv is a safe, friendly, architectural, cheerful, lively, beautiful, compact city.

Loading of apartments by the day in Lviv:

* in June - 65-70% of tourists preferred daily rental apartments in Lviv, 10% rented hostels and mini hotels, the rest preferred the hotel.

* in July - 80% of tourists rented apartments in Lviv, 6% rented hostels, the rest of the tourists were traveling.

* in August - 85% of tourists wanted rent an apartment in Lviv, 5% preferred to rent a hostel, 10% were willing.

Why? One of the important factors of a successful journey is the comfort of living. A busy excursion or business program requires a full rest to get new impressions.

Market Square, Lviv apartmentsrest in the center, apartment remove in Lviv
We offer Lviv guests a selection of topical rental options. There are different formats on the portal:

• apartments;

• guest houses, villas;

• 1, 2, 3 - room apartments.

Planning a trip, here in advance you can choose the right option for a day or a few days.

- Truskavets - attendance of vacationers has increased 2 times compared to 2017.

* in June - 50-55% of tourists preferred rent an apartment in Truskavets.

* in July - 95% of tourists rented apartments in Truskavets.

* in August - 99% of tourists wanted to rent an apartment in Truskavets.

From mid-July to mid-August, Truskavets was overcrowded. This year, conditions for staying in apartments have improved, vouchers for sanatoriums have risen in price and vacationers have preferred the private sector.

- Morshyn - holidaymakers had a stable amount in June, increased in July and a peak in early August.

- Skhodnitsa - stable attendance in June and July, increased in early August.

Pros for renting apartments daily

Renting an apartment on a trip is an excellent choice. It allows you to feel the home environment and receive a lot of emotions from immersion in local culture. For tourist trips choose the symbolic places (Lviv, Truskavets, Morshin, Skhidnytsya), for business - the optimal location, which will not spend a lot of time on trips. An important factor in the daily rent of apartments on the trip is significant cost optimization. Apartment renting for a few days will seriously increase your budget for the cultural program. Here you pay for the room, not every bed. If you stay for a long time, you get a well-kept and clean apartment at a pleasant price. The accommodation includes regular cleaning and linen change. High-speed internet is compulsory. The settlement takes place according to the international standards of the hotel business - check in at 13.00, check out before 12:00.

Apartment Completion

The apartments are completely ready for living. They are equipped with all necessary household items - plumbing, furniture, storage systems, utensils, household appliances and much more. We value your opinion and carefully check the apartments that we represent in the database, as well as regularly update the information on the site. Book your accommodation in advance, having studied the variety of options on the site. We, if necessary, arrange a meeting at the station and airport. So your trip will begin as comfortable as possible.

Remove or buy an apartment in Lviv

In Ukraine you can fall in love right away! For such guests we have in the database there are options for apartments with the possibility of buying. Agents will consult on all the nuances of the transaction and legal issues. The base is constantly updated with the most attractive options.

Our guests are comfortable both in the hotel and cozy at home!

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