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Apartments booking:
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Music Festival in Lviv 2018

What can be the most desired gift for a true music lover?

Perhaps that weekend in the rhythm of your favorite music, which sounds from all corners of the city and does not stop!

And if you spend such a weekend in the company of good friends and also in the ancient Lviv, with its incomparable architecture and romantic old yards, you can always choose accommodation in the center of the city, in which you are happy to help the team of the site

This year for the second time in the concert history of Lviv, at the end of June the festival "Music Festival in Lviv" was held, which gathered a large number of musicians, representatives not only of the Ukrainian but also of the European scene. And even more guests of the city were able to enjoy performances of musicians right on the central square of Lviv - Rynok Square.

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The festival of music in Lviv gathers around itself music lovers from around the world for good reason, because it can be called a truly large-scale, world-wide event.

Every year on June 21, in more than 800 cities around the world, similar concerts take place, in which musicians perform live and free of charge in several locations of the city.

On the morning of June 21, you can plunge into the atmosphere of music and celebration. You need to visit the Curve Lipa, walk to the art-cafe "Dziga" in the Armenian street, go to the Powder Tower or the Rynok Square.

Concerts are held nonstop all day long in several locations - a cafe where you can treat yourself to wine, beer or coffee, as well as simply on the street.

At the festival of music, fans of almost all existing styles of music will find their idols - from electronic techno to heavy rock, hip-hop, pop music or performances by folk groups.

Groups-participants of the festival are like well-known musicians, and amateur musicians, who only recently announced themselves on the music scene.

The idea of ​​such a festival is not only to encourage young musicians to disseminate and create new music, but also in the actual creation of a new holiday, which is able to unite listeners, musicians and producers from different parts of the world.

To date, only Lviv remains the only Ukrainian participating city, which has been granted official permission to conduct a world music festival with the original name Fate de la Musique, which literally translates from French as "Make music."

More than 20 states and 800 cities have accepted and take part in the annual festival of music, and the concerts themselves are organized not only by individual musicians, but also by whole philharmonic societies, schools, orchestras and clubs.

Therefore, welcome to Lviv not only for coffee, but also for a whole day of interesting music and new musical impressions.

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