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Galician cuisine in Lviv

When you arrive to a new city, you want to discover as many new things, as you can, and everything must be surprising and interesting.

You can to a cafe, visit some exhibitions, museums, in which you had never been, you can meet with local residents and visit some interesting excursions. And also you want to buy for yourselves something new, perhaps it can be the traditional clothes or some beautifully embroidered picture. And of course, you want to try a "local" food, this kind of foo, dishes and cuisine that is most popular in this area.

And if come in Lviv, then you are really lucky, because Lviv kitchen, or rather Galician as it is more correct to call - is wonderfully interesting and delicious, with enough still funny names. Here you eat ever "diasporsky carrot cake?" And what about "cwikla" or "grated plyatski"? No? Then you missed a lot, and you do the road to visit us!

Our website Аrendaplus, will find for you the best accommodation for an affordable price in Lviv apartments in Lviv for daily rent.

But at first, we prepare for you some history. Let's start with the name itself.

Galicia has long been known as the land of modern Lviv and the region, and people that had always lived here very different - Jews, Ukrainians, Poles, Armenians, Russian, Transcarpathian. And as all these people were somehow co-exist with each other, it led to the exchange of knowledge, including the culinary. So because of this we have now specific pronounced Galician language and ridiculous for the stranger names of the dishes.

What is the difference between the Galician cuisines from others? Firstly, because in the Lviv region have always been very fertile land and and it is close to the Carpathian mountains, were live the people who eat a lot of cereals, in the Galician cuisine and you can find dozens of different dishes from cereals.

It can be porridge sweet, salty, meat, honey, with mushrooms, "bacon", vegetables and so on. Further, among the Galician dishes you can find a large number of sausages, as in many small town areas, such as Kulikov, Drohobych, Rohatyn.

They are famous to the present day for its meat products. Also sausages and you can try a variety of dishes from the intestines stuffed with meat, buckwheat, potatoes and many others. It sounds, perhaps, not very tasty, especially for vegetarians, but if you do a foodie and love to eat well, and you will definitely enjoy it all!

Lviv hostess also use in their kitchens many vegetables, especially here you can eat cabbage and parsnips. For something to drink often boiled compote of dried apples, brewed tea on the Carpathian herbs, Ukrainian uzvar and sour milk. And of course, do not forget about Lviv beer, which is brewed in many restaurants of the city and is renowned for its flavor throughout Europe.

And in the modern Lviv, a city where very cherish all traditions, there are many old recipes, even exist a separate Club of Galician cuisine, which issues its own journal with recipes - "Galitsky smakopys."

If we managed to interest you, then you will be able to discover new dishes in many restaurants and cafes. We can recommend you cafe "Atlyas", "Lviv plyacki", "Persha klyasa" at Rynok square, a great restaurant "Kupol", it is also in heart of the city, in the Chaikovsky street, a "Trapezna" in the Valova street, brewery "Kumpel" on the Mytna square , especially popular restaurant "Restoratsiya Bachevski" on the street Szewska 8 – you may bought a play in this restaurant before a few weeks.

Site Arendaplus recommends you to visit all the best places in our city, as well as to book an apartment to stay close to them - in the city center.

We will be glad if you will be having only the most delicious impression of Lviv and you will get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with the Lviv residents and enjoyable vacation.

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