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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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New Year celebration in Lviv

It's always a lot of bustling in pre-Christmas time. At first everyone decide, with whom and where he will celebrating the New Year, but when it's all with this question settled now, you have to choose also the right place for a holiday.

If you choose to celebrate the New Year in your hometown, then it will not be a lot of hard for you to choose the location. But if you want to remember this holiday for the fact that you together with your family and friends decided to spend a wonderful weekend in any other city, you should think about how to save a profitable, to stay in the selected city in advance.

Accommodation for the holidays is always more expensive than during another days, primarily because it is the high season. In the tourism and hospitality during the high season always raises the price of accommodation.

Well, if the hotel prices have risen to the value of apartments, respectively, and the cost of apartments, which are rented by the day, grows more than usual.

On our site you can see a large variety of apartments and we will be able to give you the best Lviv apartments for daily rent.

In addition, we have very loyal prices, which are always consistent, and we have lots of comfortable apartments. But many people, who call us with a view to book accommodation during the Christmas and New Year holidays, somehow surprised that the cost of housing in this period of time is more expensive than usual. But in another way it cannot be, because in the high season prices are rising at all, and for the living, and to feed and rest.

If you want to pamper yourself with something unusual, just take a trip to a new city and see how people live there. We encourage you to visit the Lviv because Lviv has always been a tourist destination, and the holiday season is constantly carrying out exciting activities.

If you are fond of revelry, for you in New Year's Eve will be working a lot of night clubs, and in the city center, near the Opera House, will be a big Christmas tree and all will be gathering around it while they are having fun. Also, during the night will be opened a great variety of restaurants and cafes, namely Lviv restaurants and cafes are famous all over Ukraine for its originality.

performance of jazz groups, Lvivfurniture in a cafe, Lviv

Do not forget that geographically Lviv is located only in two hours away from the Carpathians, and if you want to go before or after the New Year off to a ski resort, it will have no difficulty.

You do not know how to ski? Then for your attention is the tour over the Lviv region, because here is located the greatest number of ancient castles in Ukraine. It is Olesky castle with a long history and ghosts, it is Pidhirtsi castle, with remarkable architecture, and it is Zolochiv castle where, according to legend, there is a place where all wishes come true. In general, you will be satisfied if you see all these wonderful castles and get to know their history.

We, the company Arendaplus will be happy if you contact us in advance. From what city you are no matter, whether it is the capital and the region, we are committed to provide you with comfortable accommodation for your pocket and taste.

Also, we will help you in all other matters where to eat, what to visit in the first place. If you want, we can pick you up for tours of the city, since our company has its own guide who speaks several languages.

Well, if you are in another country or just want to meet you at the airport or train station, and we can arrange it at an additional cost. Believe our experience, if you decide to visit Lviv in the New Year's holidays, you will really captivate our winter city, when the old houses and snow sweep charming the narrow streets of Lviv.

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