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Apartments booking:
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The resorts of Lviv region

Among all the resort towns in Ukraine, one of the most famous resorts is Truskavets, Morshyn and Skhidnytsia.

These three small towns located close to each other and are generally recognized like health resorts for many years. Still, some people choose for themselves one or the other city, and it is possible to find a reasonable explanation.

The most popular resort has always been Truskavets.

It continues to operate a large number of well-known resorts, which already have a lot of good reviews and a base of regular customers. Often acts and discounts for travelers, especially in the off-season months - late fall and winter. Among the local population, some locals also rent their apartments at a reasonable price.

lower bjuvet Truskavetssanatoria Truskavets near the pump-room

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Successfully apply here children camps where children can not only improve your health, but also to gain new knowledge, for example, learn some English. In the camps are working good and well-coordinated team of experienced teachers, educators.

And of course, the main advantage of the city has a mineral water "Naftysia", which helps to clean the kidneys, bladder, overcome many diseases. Truskavets is the first place where people go to have a drink these unique waters.

Also there is another resort - Skhidnytsia. It is a small town with main advantage is its location, as Skhidnytsia located very close to the Carpathian Mountains. Of course, the infrastructure is not as extensive as in Truskavets, no such abundance of shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

But it is very comfortable to rest those tired of the bustle and would like a little privacy with the family and the company in nature, breathe in fresh mountain air, and, of course, drink some water from the mineral sources that are available.

Resting in Skhidnytsia, you can also try the local cuisine. All your culinary orders gladly do local hospitable hostess. But the greatest choice of the best houses in Skhidnytsia you can see on the site Аrendaplus.

As for the third spa town Morshyn, here, in spite of the history of the city and the positive feedback about the properties of the local mineral water, a lot of things need to change and prosper.

When you come to Morshyn, it may even seem like you get in the 90s.

In the city for many years did not change anything in the center of the town there are full of random banners and inappropriate advertising, a lot of dirt and debris. It seems that the city government does not do anything for locals and holidaymakers, the resort is really in a state of neglect, and if stopped in its development.

Morshin pump roombest health resort Morshyn

The infrastructure is not particularly developed, the roads is in the unprofitable state, and the only lake that you can safely clean and organize a wonderful place for a picnic is dirty or poorly maintained.

But against this blatant neglect the mayor of the town recently built a new home, which cost more than 400 thousand dollars. He personally asked himself for the ground and he himself signed the papers for the privatization of land for his future home.

When journalists and citizens presented their complaints, the mayor said that with a salary of about 8 thousand of course he cannot built the house like this, but he was helped by his brother from France. In this, of course, there is little to be believed, but it is really sad to know that these people are doing nothing for the development of the city and the state.

So before coming to the resort for a vacation, it is wise at first search in the internet for information and reviews of this resort.

The company Arendaplus sincerely wish you to choose the best resort and most comfortable accommodation.

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