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Jazz performers in Lviv constantly

Do you like really good music? Mauby, you like to sit with your friends over a glass of beer and listen to live jazz?

Then we wait for you in Lviv to celebrate the anniversary of the jazz festival "Jazz Bez".

Many jazz fans say that by word you cannot just answer what for them is the music. By its very nature it is improvised, it is music that allows you to go beyond the standard formulation, to show their individual abilities, imagination and dreams.

Few today remember that back in the 80s in Lviv hosts jazz festivals, such as "Crystal Lion", and this despite the fact that in those days was the Communist authorities with all the prohibitions.

Because no accident today, Lviv became the center of jazz music since the appearance of the city itself, its ancient architecture, the mood of citizens also carries a share of improvisation, as well as jazz.

The history of the festival "Jazz Bez" originated back in 2001. In the first year it has organized the Polish consulate in Lviv and Lviv creative association "Dziga". The festival once was a great success, because every year its geography began to expand, and with it the geography of its participants.

In the early years of the festival only Ukrainian and Polish groups could serve to "Jazz Bez", that over time began to come to the festival creative teams from all over Europe. Lviv has always loved jazz and welcome appearance on the streets and squares of Lviv group "Papajazz", it is always nice to hear good music in their performance.

Papadzhaz, LvivPapadzhaz, Lviv

Traditionally Lviv concerts will be held in the Philharmonic Hall and the club "Picasso", in the Theater. Maria Zankovetska, the club "JazzClub.Lviv" on Armenian Street.

By using our site you can apartment for a day in Lviv not far from this place, in the heart of the city, not to spend time on the journey, and as much as possible to feel the spirit of the festival. We promise you comfort, warmth and security that nothing could spoil your holiday and impressions of the trip to our city.

Note that this year, in addition to the main center of the festival - Lviv, also will be opened the scene in many other cities of Ukraine and Poland. It wil be Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Rivne, Kharkiv and Odessa, and another Przemysl, Wroclaw and Warsaw in Poland. The number of musicians who play in the annual festival "Jazz Bez", has already exceeded a thousand, but this year is not only the "old-timers" will entertain the audience, but also promises to make and a young Lviv school of jazz.

It will be a lot of improvised music that is always important to live jazz concerts. True music lovers should also bring an abundance of new jazz styles which can be heard live. It will be funky, pigs, and free jazz, and a lot of new and old. Therefore, we invite you to listen a good jazz in Lviv.

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