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Night Lviv performances

Have you ever visited more than a hundred exciting events, cultural and architectural attractions, quirky cafes, theater performances and musical concerts in one weekend? You cannot believe such a thing is possible?

Then we invite you to visit our charming city from the 4th to 6th December, because in this period of time will be one of the most memorable festival "Night in Lviv."

During the festival will take place a lot of original prime theaters and museums of the city. In the Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka all opera lovers will be able to attend the premiere of the opera called "Antiformalistic paradise" by Dmitry Shostakovich.

This piece of music is about four bass, narrator, chorus and piano, and it was created from 1948 to 1968. At first time it was played on the big stage in 1989 in Washington. In Ukraine, the first time it was planned to act in Poltava Music and Drama Theater, however, on the initiative of theater director Alexei Andriyenko performance was canceled, and the director was subjected to harassment.

Intending to attend the performance, you will also visit a historic building - Lviv Drama Theatre. It is located on the street Gorodotska 36.

Initially it was a "Catholic house", built in 1911 for the Directorate of the church of St. Anne. In the interwar period between the wars here was functioned for a while a Small City Theatre, where were a staged chamber performance, and after the war the Theatre of Musical Comedy started to work here.

Street Gorodeaska is one of the longest and oldest streets in Lviv, it begins in the heart of the city, so you could easily rent an apartment in Lviv, on the street with the help of our site Аrendaplus.

Probably the most memorable event of the night will also be a performance in the cave Church of the Transfiguration on the Krakivska street. You'll see some brief pieces that will take place to the accompaniment of an orchestra. Each of them - is the story of the "track" that is for the ages, and is influenced by the past or the future.

In these plays show the lives of people who have been historical figures, and left behind something really valuable. The first show, entitled "Dovbush" shows the viewer the power of love and tells about the life of the rebels in the mountainous Carpathians. Another story - "Madame Butterfly", is about the life of famous opera singer Solomiya Krushelnytska.

Third performance "Next World" dedicated to the memory of the tragic events that occurred in Ukraine two years ago. And the last two talk about the life of talented men - sculptor Alexander Archipenko and film director Sergei Parajanov.

And in the area of the Cathedral, near a monument Danilo Galitsky, that was founder of the city, there is a museum "Mysterious pharmacy" where you can see an exclusive performance of the O. Henry story "Love Potion Aiki Shonshteyna." Symbolic representation fee - 35 UAH, including 10 UAH will go to a charity to help children of heroes who died in the war.

In addition to nightly performances, you can also be the guests of the night exhibition of Lviv artist Tatyana Borichok, which will be held in the Opera Passage shopping center on Svobody Avenue. This exhibition has a very original subject, it will be dedicated to the Ukrainian wreath as a symbol of maiden beauty and purity. Thus, the artist tried to convey on the canvas his vision of national femininity.

Hardly visiting our city, it would be wise do not miss such an unusual event.

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