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Altay lakes in Lviv

Lviv is a small town, and it seems that in many guidebooks for tourists, historical books of local historians and magazines for travelers there are many times described the most famous landmarks such as the city's museums, churches, monuments, modern restaurants, bars, cafes, and of course, parks.

A lot of stories and articles have been written about the Stryiski Park, Ivan Franko Park, and Park of Culture. But among all the famous parks there is one place that had somehow escaped the attention of writers and journalists.

Its name is Altay Lake Park. It is located in the streets Konovaltsia, Rudnicki and Chuprynky, and this is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Lviv. Do not be put off by the proximity of railway station and Pryvokzalniy market, in fact, very few streets in the city are able to compete with this region on the issue of cleanliness, safety, comfort and quietness. In addition, the proximity of the Altay lakes to the city center cannot really rejoice.

It is a kind of "comfort +" - you do not live in the noisy center, but you live in a quiet place, but it costs you only ten minutes by walk to the heart of the city or you can ride a tram №2.

Because our site Arendaplyus offers to your attention not only a great selection of apartments for rent in lviv from the owners apartments, but also apartments in this area, as Frankivsk region has always been considered the most prestigious area of the city.

Altay lake Lionson the Altai lakes in Lviv

Today, Altay lakes are one of the favorite places for rest and leisure time in Lviv. These are two small lakes, which are connected by a small romantic bridge. Before past year this lakes were not in good condition, although they still attracted people.

Now the lakes have been cleaned, landscaped recreation area, and also there are new beautiful benches and urns. Because of this you can often see here young mothers with strollers, kids laughing, loving couples, and lonely romantics.

So what’s about a history of these lakes? Once upon a time they were called Franz Lakes, named after the famous Lviv entrepreneur of the late 19th century. Franz Josef did gypsum, and people say that not far from here there was a plaster factory, and the place of the lakes was once gypsum career.

But after the First World War the factory, and indeed the area of lakes fell into disrepair, but in the interwar period, here was created a Gdansk Park. At that time Lviv was a Polish city, and therefore Gdansk Park became one of the first specialized parks in Poland, which deliberately created treadmills.

When splitting the tracks were taken into account terrain, created by beautiful bridges, because back in those days the park has won a special love and popularity among the people of Lviv.

Altay lakes in Lviv - Photo.

But then came the Second World War and the park has become a dumping ground for waste from the tube factory, and the lake was used for waste from the enamel factory, which was located on a modern street Gordynskih (previously called Altay, hence the name of the lake). But after the war the area again was cleared, and opposite to the park was built a College of Radio Electronics. Today is the National Forestry Institute.

Although with time Altay lakes decreased slightly, they are large enough, as their still fueling a small underground stream name Soroka. Around Altay lakes there are so many beautiful trees, maples, linden, chestnut, acacia, apple, cherry.

They are all in a good place, and here in Altay par everything is constantly improved because today Altay lakes are one of the most popular place for a holiday destinations, a romantic date or a walk with your favorite dog.

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