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Apartments booking:
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Amazing night in Lviv

Cultural life in Lviv does not stop during the all day and night, and this you can see if you will visit our city from 4th to 6th December, because at this time will be a great festival "Night in Lviv."

This festival is far from being a novelty in our city, but each time it is updated and improved, attracting thus more and more guests. The festival happens twice a year - warm summer, in July, and in late autumn, in November.

The first "Night Lviv" was not a full-fledged festival, it was only a promotional event, which was organized back in 2011, and since that time it has developed into a real full-fledged festival. This is not just a series of nocturnal tours of Lviv's museums, churches, cathedrals and restaurants. During these three nights will be various cultural events, exhibitions of contemporary artists and photographers, charity events, workshops, theater performances and more.

For your convenience, you can buy tickets for the festival in advance, as well as cheap apartment in lviv on our website Arendaplus.

We are always with great attention and care to treat each of our clients, we try to find an apartment for the individual wishes and requirements of the individual, because all the people are very different and each has its own flavor and its own criteria of comfort.

We can confidently add that in the real estate market in Lviv we don’t have competition, because over the years, our company Arendaplus has established itself as best in apartment rent.

You may ask what interesting things can be seen in the night Lviv and whether to come here? Of course, it is, because you will not be sorry in any way. This year on the festival will be holding for the first time the museum quest «Leopolis Mediterraneum».

The purpose of this completely new interesting project is to draw attention to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the city, and in a very unusual way.

Taking part in this quest, you will see and you really surprise a close link between the history and culture of the Mediterranean region of Lviv. At first glance, nothing at all, but if you are new you may take a look on ancient architecture of the city, remember the prominent figures of the city and their curricula vitae, you immediately realize that the Lviv is one of Eastern European cities, and it has a lot in common with the Mediterranean, its culture and people from the edges. Because of this the theme of the quest called - "Lviv and the Mediterranean."

We draw your attention that the museum quest is the next step in the implementation of the project "New Life Museums", which is carried out in the framework of the Institute of the City "Centre for Social Innovation" in order to improve the attractiveness of Lviv museums to locals and tourists.

The event starts at 19.00. Before participation you will need to make a registration, after which the participants will receive the quest list of questions, the correct answers to who will guide them from one location to another.

To make your quest successfully complete will help you a special application «Muzarium» for smartphones or tablets running on Android operating system, or Windows Mobile. And of course, the winners of this quest will receive interesting gifts.

Another interesting event will be a night tour to the Palace Sapieha. This place is the ancestral home of the ancient kind of the Lithuanian-Russian princes. It was built in the spirit of the French Baroque of the XVII century - namely, in 1868. Contemporaries called this home of Adam Sapieha 'magic box', it cost almost the same money as the huge Potocki Palace nearby.

In November 1918, it housed the headquarters of Ukrainian troops; today this is location for Regional Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, as well as the charitable organization "Lviv Knight", which collect money to help the Ukrainian army.

We may add that this is really unusual excursions, and you will be very satisfied with the first day of the festival "Night in Lviv."

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