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Apartments booking:
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Golden autumn in Lviv

Are you captivated by a beautiful novels of classic French literature, but you have never been to Paris? Then you are in any case will not be sorry if you come on holiday to Lviv, because, as many foreigners says, who have seen the whole of Europe, Lviv really looks like a miniature Paris, especially in the fall.

The cozy narrow streets with tall trees, on which there are lots of beautiful yellow leaves, or from the extensive orange trees and shrubs parks, all of this creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Striysky park, park Iron waters, Ivan Franko parkor park of Culture, the above mentioned attractions of the city will help you to plunge into the romantic world of coziness, warmth and fall of the Lviv hospitality.

What is surprising, in this city everyone may have a good rest, as a young people, and students, and mature couples or single travelers. When you come out onto the streets in the evening, you will probably meet a lot of smiling faces.

We immediately see that life here is calm and modest, but at the same time, it never stands still in place, because in Lviv all the time there is something interesting.

As soon as one festival ends, the next begins immediately. All of the modern musical, theatrical, literary events are constantly updated. Not surprisingly, that everyone likes to come here, exactly young people from Europe, because here in Lviv it is very easy to make new friends and meet talented people.

Attractive Lviv, rent an apartment in LvivLviv, tourist city

A lot of interesting events are especially in autumn. That’s why it is a «golden season» in the tourism sector. It all starts with a book forum, which takes place in September, the same month passes another theater festival "Golden Lion", a variety of student creative activities and holidays of chocolate, cheese and wine, coffee festival, the festival of candles and many other events.

People really like to attend these events with their children, and not just locals. Many tourists come to us to relax with the whole family, even with some dogs and cats with a charge.

Each festival for children are always given special attention, they are may attend lots of interesting creative lessons or workshops. The city has a network of different themed cafes. For example, a Jewish restaurant "Under the Golden Rose", which is accepted to bargain, restaurant-museum, restaurant "Kryivka", which is made in traditional style, a lot of cafes and pubs, cafes with a variety of sweets, where you can spend time with the children.

Lviv autumn - photos.

Site Arendaplus enables apartment in Lviv for daily rent tourists for several years, because our experience in real estate and communication with a customer always helps us to understand people a little bit.

We see that the foreigners, who come to the city to relax and have fun at the weekend, feel very free and comfortable in our city, in spite of the unstable situation in the country and the economic condition in general. Dozens of modern police foot patrols and many crews patrol cars constantly monitor safety and order in our city.

According to statistics, among all cities of Ukraine in Lviv, there is one of the highest living standard and security, as is relatively low number of unemployed, and this despite the fact that the city is almost no industry and major investment is investing in science, culture and tourism. People here are very economical, all the time in the city is something new, something done, repaired, built, and it's not just before the election in the city council, as often happens in other cities.

Such a desire to work and convert the most popular in Lviv city, together with the ability to have beautifully relax and have fun is good simply is transmitted through the air!

In addition to the ever-changing festivals in the city there are many attractions that are a pride of city for centuries. For example, an old houses on the Rynok Square, cathedrals and churches, monuments of prominent figures, old cobbles in the center of Lviv city, which is over 500 years old.

All outstanding architectural structures for several years are under the supervision of UNESCO, and it is not surprising that they attract travelers. We, in turn, will be happy to accommodate you and settle comfortably that you definitely will want to come back to us!

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