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Festival of candles in Lviv

Lviv is a city of ancient history and fascinating truthful legends. But no matter how much stories will tell you the guides about the events that had taken place here fifty, a hundred or even a thousand years ago, for every person is always the most important thing to remember is that the story happens now, this week, and today, exactly at this moment.

Modern history is a period of time, where people live in, how they work and how they relax. And when in the small town runs some festival or celebration, people are resting as if all together, locals and visitors, familiar and unfamiliar.

Lviv is famous among all the cities because of it holidays and festivals. People come here to relax and spend time with family or friends from all corners of our country, neighboring Poland, Russia, and more and more - from Europe. Here they like to celebrate the New Year, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day or personal holidays.

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In the summer, fall, winter and spring in Lviv there is something interesting. Besides the well-familiar festivals, appears entirely new holidays. For example - Candles Festival. It will be held in Lviv this year for the second time only. What interesting things can be seen on this holiday?

Firstly, the festival will be held for three days, from 13th to 15th of November. There you can visit the various workshops for making candles with your own hands, as the festival is supported by the Lviv candle manufactory factory.

Skilled craftsmen competently answer all your questions about this mysterious and exciting candle making. After all, who of us in childhood, when turned off the electric light, and bring the whole family to gather around a candle, not like sculpting from wax funny animals or toys?

Also you can see and purchase a variety of designer candles with 20% discount. This could be a candle in the form of apple, candy, mugs, coffee grain, lamb or heart - is it not worthy gift for a loved one? Adding that all the proceeds from the sale of candles at the festival will go to the women's charity.

"The highlight of the program" will be co-forging huge candlesticks, and the most spectacular event will be the time when the residents of houses on the Museum square (namely, there will be the location of the festival) will put behind their windows lighted candles to convey by this way the magic of ancient Lviv streets, comfort and the charm of the evening city, which looks very good at this time of the year - in the autumn.

Candles have been made in Lviv since the Middle Ages. In the 17th century from the city treasury annually allocates 5-9 pln for the manufacture of candles for Latin katedra and 13-18 pln for candles for the City Council. Making candles was very common, no less than the manufacture of soap.

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