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Apartments booking:
(067) 93-980-21
(063) 31-403-23 | (095) 176-95-85
Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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What you need to know at the time an apartment for rent

Sailing an apartment for rent is only entitled to its legal owner or authorized representative of the owner. In the second case, you must issue a power of attorney and to assure a notary.

If the apartment has several owners, it is necessary to agree on all the important issues and secure agreements in writing. The lease should feature all the owners, as they are brokers.

Housing must be prepared to rent out. If necessary, make cosmetic repairs, perform general cleaning and removed all personal belongings. Remove all unnecessary things. Leave only the furniture and appliances.

Be sure what are the main advantages and disadvantages of your apartment and what you are ready to buy than to retrofit housing. That is what you can do to increase its market value.

Determine the price of renting an apartment, its minimum and maximum possible. For this purpose, it is better to analyze similar deals in your area. Look at the ads in the local press and on the major real estate portals.

You can sale an apartment for rent by your own, but if the experience in this business is small, it is better to trust the professionals. Find a reliable real estate agency with a good reputation. It is very important for them to work in your neighborhood.

You can contact us, site Arendaplus and we will help you to properly assess your home, we will advise what should be the minimum necessary in the rented accommodation and we will help you with clients and other issues.

Take responsibility in the process of delivery of housing and listen to the advice of professionals. It is better to enter into an agreement with a real estate agency and work together to develop a work plan. Firstly, through the agency it is easier and faster to search a good tenant. Secondly, the realtor will advise you thus less risk to prevent a blunder.

You can even work simultaneously with two or three agencies, but it has no special meaning. As a rule, they cooperate closely with each other and have a common base of real estate in the city.

Carefully check the tenant. All people are different and not all of them in good faith. Find out as much information about the potential tenant. Take a copy of his passport, find out where he works and write down a contact numbers and residential address.

No matter how honest and responsible tenant may seem, it is better to be safe formalizing your relationship. Proper preparation of the lease agreement will allow you to avoid many unpleasant situations.

If you hand over the apartment for a long time, be sure to include in the contract item on deposit - security deposit, usually equal to the cost of rent for one month. This amount is taken from the tenant as compensation for possible damage. If there are no the claims to the tenant, the deposit will be returned at the end of the lease.

To lease agreement is required to attach the act of reception and transmission apartments, which lists valuable property with the description of his condition. All of this should be supported by photographs of the recorded shooting date.

Do not forget about the taxes in order to sleep and a lease was valid. It is advisable in this regard to consult with your realtor.

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