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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Apartments for rent on credit

The situation that has developed today in Ukraine, a significant impact on the real estate market.

Dramatically reduced the number of customers who wants to rent or buy housing. Flow of the foreign tourists, that are visiting Lviv and just wanting to observe the city and enjoy its beauty, has decreased by approximately 25-30%, while those wishing to improve their health in the resort town Truskavets, Morshyn, Skhidnytsia decreased by more than 50%.

Analyzing the situation, we understand that the main reasons are:

- Instability of the situation in Ukraine;

- Psychological barriers arising in people's minds, uncertainty of tomorrow;

- The fear of movement, especially in western Ukraine, and especially the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine;

- Restriction of movement on the territory of Ukraine in connection with military operations in the East and the terrorist attacks;

- The lack of money for accommodation (for housing).

Rising of the prices of the main sources of living, just like food, water, shelter, warmth, which allows for a greater or lesser degree improve a comfortable and healthy bodily, physical existence – it is a negative impact on the human psyche.

It was noticeable that the population was less to smile and enjoy life, there are many complaints about the residence and many are trying to change their existence. Many flee from this situation, but the majority of people struggling to survive and looking for sources of help in this matter.

Life is always moving on and we all need to take care for our health, especially children.

Everybody knows that there is in Truskavets clinic Kozijavkin, well know Rehabilitation Center in Lviv region.

The event that took place recently pushed us Arendaplus site, to develop a package of legal documents provide the opportunity to rent an apartment or rent a house Available for rent today apartments houses Truskavets on daily basis (possibly in other cities) on credit.

At the beginning of December 2016 we had a customer that asked us for help in finding required for a property in Truskavets. We picked him housing near the clinic Kozijavkin, and he was really satisfied. According to the terms our client's are obliged to make a prepayment for the first two nights (subject to rent an apartment for more than 2 days).

But the client said that he could not prepay accommodation due to lack of money and asked us to help him. Besides customer sent us a copy of tickets for travel to Truskavets, confirming that he was indeed written for the treatment of a certain period and a copy prepay treatment in the International Clinic Kozijavkin.

We knew the owner of an apartment for a long time and we were working with him for a long period. After the treatment the child's health seizing, cheered up and the parents, the customer business also started to rise, and within 1.5 months of debt was repaid. Of course such confidence could earn the customer who really got into difficult financial condition, the child who really needs treatment.

These types of clients across 3-5 in 1000 people. Wishing to rent accommodation “on a freebie” predominant amount. This isolated incident brought us to the idea to develop a set of documents providing a guarantee of homeowners to prepay their booking by the Client. This agreement may be bilateral and trilateral (in this case a third party acts Arendaplus site).

The essence of the agreement is that the customer pay a deposit (small-sized property belonging to him - watches, articles of precious metal, telephone, computer equipment, etc.) which completely covers the price. It is necessary to correctly understand that owner provides accommodation (apartment, house) for rent and the property is worth much more expensive mortgage. The set (contract) terms calculated client with the owner for services provided - deposit is returned to the customer.

Аренда квартир, arendaplus

This scheme can work everywhere, rent a house through the site Arendaplus now easier. We understand creates financial situation and 90% of home owners provide rental housing owned by them at the old prices. Owners who have previously passed the long-term accommodation for rent for dollars also reviewed issues of payment, finding a compromise.

Site Arendaplus always strives to provide the client wishes to housing, and to find for the owners a good customer.

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