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Apartments booking:
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V. Koziavkin's Clinic, Truskavets

The resort-town Truskavets, famous not only among Ukrainians, is located in Lviv region. Truskavets is a unique world-famous balneological resort. This place is primarily famous for its healing springs (14 springs), which have given people strength, health and youthfulness.

The composition of the water from each spring is unique and has a special chemical composition. Used in a correct treatment, the mineral water can heal a number of diseases.

In the city, there are various resorts and hospitals, where unique methods of prophylaxis and treatment of various organ and system diseases are practiced.

One of such health resorts is the International Clinic of Rehabilitation, founded by professor V. I. Koziavkin. Since July 2003, effective help to the children suffering from cerebral palsy, as well as to the patients of different ages, who had survived different traumas, is provided in the institution. Patients from more than 52 countries are being treated in the clinic yearly.

The V. Koziavkin's method is the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System.

Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS) is a method, developed by V. Koziavkin. It became world famous due to its highly effective technology of treating the patients with cerebral palsy, consequences of trauma, osteoporosis and organic lesions of the nervous system.
The system has appeared in Ukraine in the 90s. Since then, its effectiveness has been tested by more than 35000 people from all over the world, including the USA, Germany, Austria, France and other countries.
In 1997, the method has gained official state recognition, thanks to its world popularity and impressive results.

Conditions of living

Speaking of the living conditions, everything in the clinic is made in a way to make patients with limited physical possibilities feel comfortable and homey. The halls are broad and bright, the elevators are roomy, in the wards there are specially equipped bathrooms and toilets, there is functional furniture. The clonic is capable of placing 250 patients at a time. As it was said above, the patients come here from 52 countries, everyone understands that it is much more than 250 patients.

Our website desires to help the patients by providingthem with additional housing: you can rent apartments in Truskavets with the maximum comfort or rent daily a house in Truskavets with appartments, which are not worse than foreign analogues. We have various options of housing near V. Koziavkin's clinic.

The essence of V. Koziavkin's method

The basis for rehabilitation according to this method is polymodal approach with using different methods of influence on the patient. The additional healing procedures are:

• reflex therapy;
• therapeutic exercises;
• massage system;
• rhythmic gymnastics;
• mechanotherapy;
• apitherapy

Biodynamical correction of movements. this procedure became possible due to a special costume "The spiral". It gives additional efforts from outside, which correct arm and leg movements, as well as position of the whole body.

Biomechanical correction of the spine is conducted after special diagnosis and preparation. The correction is made starting from the the lumbar spine to the cervical spine. As a result of this procedure, blockades of vertebral-motor segments disappear and vertebral joints movement restores.

Mobilization of limb joints is conducted in order to improve joint mobility, correct joint and muscle imbalance. And finally, there is a hope for the formation of new movement opportunities and skills.

Reflex therapy helps to relax the spastic muscles and reduce somato-vegetative disorders. For this, a portable electrostimulator is used. It influences the biologically active points of human body using current low voltage. Such manipulations are positively perceived by the patients, as they do not cause pain and skin galling.

The massage system is necessary to completely prepare the patient for biomechanical correction of the spine. The massage helps to reduce the muscle tone. It is a combination of classical, segmental and periosteal massages. In the treatment process, point, drainage and toning types of massage are used as well.

Physiotherapy. The therapeutic exercises will help to consolidate and improve existing and newly acquired motor skills. As a result, the spine becomes more mobile, the amplitude of movement of the peripheral joints increases, muscle and articular apparatus strengthens in general.

Rhythmic gymnastics. In order to improve movement coordination, develop movement skills, raise the patient's emotional mood, group rhythmic gymnastics classes are conducted.

Apitherapy is special thermal wrapping of certain muscles and joints with the apiculture products. These procedures help to to strengthen the patient's protective functions, to improve blood circilation and metabolism. Before the therapy, an allergy test is required.

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