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Apartments booking:
(067) 93-980-21
(063) 31-403-23 | (095) 176-95-85
Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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And laugh or cry with renting apartments

Who wins from confrontation owner - client? This philosophical question is difficult to resolve. The experience of many years of work with the client shows the following results.

Client wishes to remove an apartment for rent , for example, in Lviv:

- "Sly" - a group of people that decided to go and visit Lviv for relax. Visit to Lviv and conduct there any holidays is much more favorable, for example, than in Kiev.

The reasons are many: low cost housing, food, restaurants, cafes, excursions, etc. The male half of the material allows, and the company selected the female opens the Internet "sits on the phone" and start searching for apartments.

Usually choose several options, say owners - "we already have the tickets on hand." Naturally owner (usually this apartment in the sublease and for it to pay the owner) asks the client to transfer to his personal account with a deposit of one-day stay, details of knocks and waits. Pass the day, no prepay, owner worried calls to the customer.

During these days the client is gaining a few apartments and again promises to throw an advance payment is justified "had no time", "I will throw off a couple of hours" "I’m already going to the bank", "the ATM is not working", "is already near the cash register" etc. n. The owner continues to wait for him to call each client, it denies them, because there must be prepaid. It takes more time, the mobile phone of the customer, who "promised" to prepay silent (out of range or does not accept the call), but another customers will not call and owner left with nothing (flat idle).

- "Very sly" - is a type of clients that also promise to confirm the reservation, but they have some reason "there is no possibility". They are on their way or already at the station. They swear that they will pay on arrival certainly wait. Time passes.

It seems to be the client shall come again The owner is calling it that they meet (he) already at the station (airport). Time passes, again calling owner and he said: "We have already settled (found an apartment), sorry”. The owner is left without customers.

Of course there are cases when the dishonest owner takes several applications for the same apartment or just scammers diluted customers as we wrote earlier. Website Arendaplus is working with many realtors and information about dishonest owner almost lightning scatters among realtors. As practice shows, a dishonorable owner do not works for a really long time

Based on all of this nuances website Arendaplus clearly enjoys the rules developed on the site: "To confirm your reservation You need to pay an amount that corresponds to the one-day stay in the apartment. When booking more than 10 days payment in advance will be for two days. Advance to be paid upon and after receiving the details, within one banking day. If the advance is not the brought - booking is not performed and apartments are considered free".

These actions are lawful, the client has time to think and to pay or failure to pay housing. After issuing bank details, we alert customers to put a time pre-booking and accommodation is held for customers.

Realtors are always trying not to create a compromise between the owners and customers, as "oil" layer upcoming "sandwich" (client-owner). We wish you all to understand the situation correctly.

The principle is very simple: if you want and you can – take, if you do not want and you can’t - just don’t fooling people.

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