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Health factors Truskavets

Introducing with a resort city Truskavets will be incomplete if we forget about the main medical factors of this well-known resort.

What is interesting to know about it? Firstly the mineral water become widely known for all over Ukraine in the second half of the last century. However, local inhabitants knew about it medicinal properties a long time ago.

This is evidenced by archival documents and legendary stories, which were passed down from generation to generation. Even in 1578 year, the royal physician V.Ochko wrote that the people of Drohobych and its environs use saline water sources as well as oil brine as "very useful". Also we can read a lot about the use of Truskavets mineral waters in the book “Natural History” by G. Rzhonchinski, published in 1721 in Sandomir.

In 1835-1841 Lviv pharmacist and chemist T.Torosevich, Armenian by his origin, became the first who made a chemical analysis of the mineral water from Truskavets sources. In 1977, during the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the resort, on the fa?ade of mineral water pump room number 1 was established an artistic plaque for his hones.

pump room in truskavets

Miracle mineral waters of Truskavets brought a deserved fame for this small city. The greatest popularity among them received the source “Naftusya”, because of it original chemical composition and physical properties of the unique physiological effects on the human body. It is real bicarbonate calcium-magnesium water. It is used to treat a diseas of the liver, biliary tract and another illness. “Naftusya” has a diuretic effect and improves metabolism, normalize the function of the liver and kidneys.

Medicinal properties of "Naftusya" was studied for a long time, but only in the past years were made a comprehensive clinical studies, which allowed to establish the mechanism of action of this water on the human body. Most scientists agreed on the fact that the value of "Naftusya" water as a therapeutic agent due to its content of biologically active organic compounds derived from petroleum. They give it a faint taste of oil and odor.

In a picturesque tract Pomyarki in one of the wells produced mineral water, which is different from "Naftusya" for it lesser mineralization (0.3 g / L) and has a lower content of organic substances. It always bottled and it is called "Truskavetska" and goes to the pharmacy or supermarkets, because it can be used as table water at home.

Walking on the holiday park, in the mountainous part, you will definitely see the original house. It is built on the source of number 11, which is popularly known as "the source of beauty and youth." It implies water “Yuzya”. Transparent, moderately cold, delicious, it has the ability to soften the skin of hands and face, making it younger and tender. No wonder why this water is so popular among visitors. Local inhabitants will tell you about it’s legend.

This was happening a long time ago. In the upper reaches of the river Vorotishche there was a rich boss living. He lived with his only daughter - pretty, blue-eyed Yuzya. Wealthy and beautiful boys wooed her, but she was in love with a poor servant of his father and refuse to merry with a rich boy.

Father was very angry to his daughter about it and hi said her with anger: “If you don’t want to do like I said you, let your beauty disappear!” And she began pale and wither. One day the girl went with her lover below the mountains. Suddenly they came across a small stream, bubbling out of the rock spurs. Yuzya drunk from the spring, washed by its water and her pretty and strength come back to her.

Is it a true story or not – no one knows exactly. After all, an old legends and tales are often intertwined with fiction. But the source is called Yuzya, after this beautiful legendary girl. So that’s why usually girls and women are gaining in jars Yuzya water, and then rinsed several times with moisture face.

Near this source, you can rent an apartment in Truskavets apartments on your discretion.

In Pomyarki in the tract on the site of the old ozocerite mines in 1912 there was open source №4. From its chloride magnesium sulfate sodium salt water produced the famous salt "Barbara". Over time, due to insufficient flow rate of mineral water source was closed. It was started using salt brine, which is now extracted from wells near the former farm Bystry.

Due to the rapid growth of the resort, the creation of new medical database geology, hydrogeology and hydrochemists performed in recent years a large amount of intelligence, balneotehnicheskih work, and explore mode fields. It make possible to expand the base of hydro resort. Approved reserves of mineral waters deposits "NAFTA" source number 1, 2, 3, bath now account for 544 cubic meters per day. The precense of different types of mineral waters, which are different levels of salinity, chemical composition and therapeutic effect. It allows to combine them in treatment.

Systematic observation of the natural regime of underground waters, supervision over the use of lead deposits hydrogeological regime-operational station of the resort. It constantly monitors the status of the main medical factor resorts. The resort, a program of measures aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of all and resorts. From the sanatorium area of mineral water are carried underground utilities, residential and farm buildings, reconstructed treatment facilities and sewers, equipped with modern amenities area.

In recent years, academic staff of the Odessa Institute of Spa in collaboration with leading experts developed recommendations resort rational use of mineral water, studied the mechanism of their effects on the patient. In particular, they specified dosage in the drinking water treatment of urological and gastroenterological diseases.

When treating patients at the resort is widely used drainage of the biliary tract. Combined therapy of patients with pathology of the digestive system also provides intestinal lavage, because sodium chloride brine at the resort is preparing mineral water for baths and therapeutic pool.

In Truskavets there is developed and put into practice using a ozokerite technique. Ozokerite here began to use in 1947. The head physician of the sanatorium "Chestnut" AA Gela in the treatment of intestinal diseases was first who used ozokerite rectal swabs.

The resort is constantly being improved clinical, biochemical, laboratory and instrumental methods of study that help diagnose the dynamics of the disease in the course of spa treatment. In the diagnosis of diseases such as renal widely used X-ray examination of patients, the study of renal function by means of radioisotopes, rarely used endoscopy. In the laboratory of functional diagnostics conducted research of acid the stomach with the help of special probes and instruments, reogepatografiya liver fibroscopy esophagus, stomach, duodenum, and the study of the liver using a radioisotope.

The basis for effective spa treatment is also a sanatorium treatment and health food. Diet therapy, which provides the right combination of essential body proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, can achieve the desired therapeutic effect. In addition, it instills patient nutrition skills that must be followed at home.

The effectiveness of spa treatments significantly increases the systematic exercise, which in the health environment has become an important element of therapy. Therapeutic exercise strengthens the body of the patient, his nervous system, creates a cheerful mood. Under her influence restored physiological processes.

Doctors at the resort recommend different types of physiotherapy. The most common among them - morning and medical gymnastics, dosed walking, excursions, CIS and hiking trips, sports. Prolonged exposure to fresh air increases the tone of the nervous system, increases the body's resistance to diseases, it hardens.

A beneficial effect on the human body makes picturesque outskirts of the resort with its green valleys, small streams, cool oak forests, parks and gardens.

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Drug therapy in the resort has a secondary importance. To her resorted to only in extreme cases - during acute illness. The most important role in the complex therapeutic factors Truskavets is given mineral water consumption.

Through the use of complex therapeutic interventions, most patients (98-99 per cent) are issued with a significant improvement and better health. Good and long-term outcomes.

Doctors of Truskavets are working closely with scientific institutions, are actively involved in the scientific life and practice. Here there is a number of laboratories of scientific institutions, operates department of the Institute of Physiology. In the creative work in contact with scientists and doctors from Odessa and Pyatigorsk Research Institute of Balneology, Yalta research institute of Medical Climatology, Kyiv Research Institute of Urology, Kharkov Institute of Advanced Medical.

Great theoretical and practical experience in the application of complex individual therapy in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases has accumulated a team of doctors of the sanatorium "Chestnut" - methodical center on this profile for all the resorts of the country. His employees are experimenting, studying the effects of mineral water on the human body.

Together with scientists they have prepared several dozens of methodical leaflets and newsletters, which are characteristic of the therapeutic factors of the resort, the first mechanism of their effects on the body of the patient with chronic liver disease, biliary tract, pancreas, stomach and intestines, presents a complex therapeutic interventions, established Indications contraindications of treatment.

This team has developed a base of sanatorium and resort complex on introducing a quality management system diagnostic and treatment process.

About two hundred works, several dozen pamphlets and books published in the last fifteen years by doctors from resort. They gave a scientific substantiation of the features of medical resources Truskavets, new treatments, and advice on the organization of sanatorium treatment.

Significant contribution to the scientific study of complex medical factors-union health resort doctors and scientists balneologists II Glukhenkiy, I. Markov, AA Gela, MB Plastunova, DI Vizier GI Mazurenko , BA Khokhlova, VU Eremina, LK Baikalova VI Markovetskogo, I. T. ?imonka AI Alperin, VI Lemeshko GI Stetsenko, M . Skorobogatov. They developed the most pressing issues of application of combination therapy, methods of examination of patients in Truskavets.

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