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Interesting tourist routes Truskavets

Whatever fascinating journey will be through the city Truskavets, probably you will want to visit the Carpathians, and other small and quite cities Drohobych, Stebnyk and Borislav.

We recommend you to use the services of city travel and tours of the town of Truskavets, which conducts walking and bus tours of 22 roads and more. It serves about 200,000 people a year. There is constantly working more than 20 highly qualified guides, also there is many guides invited from the other organizations.

If you come to Truskavets and decided to stop, it offers - rental apartments in Truskavets weighing proposals.

There is one especially popular tour for the summer visitors. It is a tour to the birthplace of the famous Ukrainian writer, revolutionary democrat and public figure Ivan Franco. The rote to there may take just a half of an hour by car or a comfortable bus. It leads along the northern foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, where its clearly visible steep mountain slopes.

In the village of Ivan Franko (Nahuyevychi) in 1981, during the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the writer, there was opened an art-memorial complex - the path of Ivan Franko and museum-estate of his parents.

The poet path length of 1700 meters and begins on the outskirts of the village, near the three hundred years old tree, where he often liked to rest. Next to this oak - a sculpture of symbolic chronicler with an open book on which is inscribed the scheme of the path.

The main element of her art can be sculptures. They depict the characters of the Franko poems, relatives and people who were close to the poet. There is also the symbolic sculptures of the writer's father and mother; sculpture "Beloved", based on the collection of poems "Withered Leaves"; "Bell" - the symbol of the Ivan Franko revolutionary poetry; composition "Prometheus", "Moses", "Zakhar Berkut". All of this sculptures was created by the students and teachers of the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. They introduce tourists to the rich creative world of the great Ukrainian writer, fighter for the liberation and happiness of the working people. On the edge of the forest there is a "Glade of Fairy Tales", where "settled" Lion, Wolf, Bunny, Fox, Hedgehog - characters of Ivan Franko fairy tales.

Near the small pond there is a Garden of Kamenyar Fame, that was founded in 1981 in the days of significant anniversary: ??it was planted 125 trees. In a picturesque corner you may see also a sculptural portrait of Ivan Franko.

Museum-Estate of Ivan Franko parents recreated according to the old cadastral maps, preserved in the archives and ethnographic descriptions of the writer "My father's house". The main object of the estate there is a house with two rooms separated by a porch - "lower" and "upper" (front), in which the writer worked. Here he created many of his works: the novel "Borislav laughs", "Zakhar Berkut", the stories, the cycle of poems "Galician pictures". Also he translated into Ukrainian language a lot of famous writings - "Dead Souls" by Gogol, "Faust" by Goethe, the poetry of Virgil, Shakespeare, Hugo. Ivan Franko translated into German language the "Testament" main theme of another famous Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko, he wrote scientific and journalistic articles.

Also you can see a reconstructed smithy of the Ivan Franko father, which later became a vivid symbol in his works. The smithy is preserved a tools that was used in the old days - fur, hammer. There is also restored a bombarded well.
Every year the museum-estate is visited by more than 50 thousand people.

Here are organized a Franko holidays, followed by a concert of amateur participants.
From a place where there is a museum-estate, it can be clearly seen the whole village of Ivan Franko. In the center of the village there is a literary-memorial museum Ivan Franko. Its exposition tell us about the life and work of an outstanding master of artistic expression, illuminate his public activities, literary connections, show the enormous popularity of the writer's work in the country and abroad.

Many interesting things you'll see in Drohobych - a large industrial and cultural center of Lviv region. For one year industrial production enterprises in the city are made ??a hundred times more than it was issued here in 1945.

Drohobych is city of high culture and literacy. Some time ago there was not a single higher education institution or a free library club. Now there are seven secondary schools, the Pedagogical Institute named after Ivan Franko, general technical faculty of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, two college, five vocational schools and one musical school. General Fund more than 60 libraries of more than two million books. The city has a museum, cultural center, Regional Drama Theatre named after Yaroslav Galan, several cinemas and amateur film studio. On a guarding the health of citizens there is a big group of health care workers.

At 21 km away from Drohobych in a picturesque valley of the mountains there is a little urban village Skhidnytsia. It is known for a mineral water springs, which differ little from Truskavets water and used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, etc.

In Skhidnytsia we can offer you to rent a house in Skhidnytsia apartments or the house of your choice, where you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of nature.

The route to the Skhidnytsia leads through the old small and quiet city Borislav. The little streets of this city as a squares, monuments of history and architecture can tell us a lot about a past life from the life of city and his inhabitants. Today Borislav is a city with a wide scope of industrial and residential construction. Every year the capacity is increasing, also update the range of products porcelain factory management ,"Borislavneftegaz", shoe and garment factories.

Also we can recommend you a fascinating trip to the village Bubnyshche, which is located in this region. It situated near the legendary rock named after Oleksa Dovbush - the head of the anti-feudal peasant movement in Galicia that was in 30-40 years of XVIII century.

Also in Truskavets there is a lot of tourist agency that organizes a long journey to the Hutsulia (Carpathian region) and waterfalls in Transcarpathia. Usually tourists remain a memorable stay in these beautiful parts of Ukraine.

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