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International Health Resort - Truskavets

The year 1827 is considered the official date of spa resort establishment in Truskavets. Then several little rooms with eight baths were attached to local tavern.

Since then quantity of people visiting the town was increasing steadily. In 1833 there were 70 spa visitors, and in 1836 – already 596. The first scientific articles about the healing effect of the local mineral water on the human body appeared. The building of pensions was started. In 1840 the basing house “Neptun” with 12 bathing cabins and 12 rooms was constructed. In 1843 the first mud-bath was constructed. The further development of resort was limited by lack of doctors. Only one doctor came there from Drohobych during summer period.

Since 1935 treatment at the resort became a year-round. Several new pensions, rest houses, villas were constructed there. The town got the appearance of European resort. It was connected with Drohobych by railway. People who treated and relaxed there were landowners, financiers, merchants, officials with good income. Ordinary people could not afford it.

The new page in resort history is connected with golden September days of 1939. After the reunification of Western Ukraine with the Soviet Ukraine the resort became public property and occupied an important place in the health system of the Soviet people. Instead of private boarding houses and hotels in the resort there were created eight health centers for 1200 beds, two clinics for the treatment of urological and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as a number of hospitals. Doctors, scientists from research institution started to explore medical factors of resort, to develop treatments for patients.

In 1947 Truskavets became republic spa resort. In the postwar years there were intensive researches on the local hydro resources. Medical-diagnostic base of the resort was expanded, this allowed to make the specialization of hospitals. Since 1952, Truskavets is a city of regional subordination.

In the period from 1956 to 1965 in Truskavets were built many resorts and hospitals. Children sanatorium "Istochnik" and adolescence – "Gorka", mineral water pump room, club room and dormitory with 100 beds in sanatorium "Kashtan", hydrotherapy with 80 baths and hydropathic department and inhalers, dormitory with 70 beds in sanatorium "Hrustal'nyi dvorets".

In 1965 the master plan for the resort, development was approved, providing a lot of capital construction. Under this plan, already were built and put into operation sanatoriums "Crystal", "Almaz", "Rubin", "Yantar", "Vesna", "Schahter", "Prykarpattie", "Dnepr", "Truskavets", "Rodina" "Moldova", diet canteens "Berezka", "Raduga", "Zaria" with 3780 seats, two clinics which could serve 10 000 visits per day, two pump-rooms in the central and mountainous parts of the resort which could serve 25 000 visits per day. In 1985, construction of new hotel with 420 beds started.

For the construction of the resort during the years of Soviet power, was spent more than 500 million rubles. Following figures show the fast development of Truskavets: in the postwar period, it could take about 22 000 patients, in 1963 - 98 000 people, in 1965 - 150 000, in 1977 - a quarter of a million people, nowadays here come about 500 000 people annually.

If it is the first time you have been in Truskavets, you will notice that the town does not have ordinary suburb. It starts right away of new well-planned districts. 5-storey and 9-storey living buildings combine well with trading enterprises, schools, kindergartens.

In this building, our website is able to provide you at your discretion rent an apartment in Truskavets.

There are enterprises of service centers in residential area, which provide residents and town guests with more than 200 kinds of services: produce and repair clothing, garments and knitwear, shoes, clean clothes, repair household appliances.

In the town there is good trading system of industrial and consumer goods. There are 37 shops, 41 enterprises of public catering. More than 2000 people work in trading organizations. In resort town there are no industrial enterprises, thus population is mainly employed in the service sector. The town residents and tourists can visit covered market “Yubileinyi”with area of more than 1000 sqm where they can buy meat and dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Good conditions for leisure activities of labour were created in Truskavets. There are swimming pool, two cinemas with 885 seats, planetarium, House of Culture with a hall with 1025 seats and library. In every sanatorium there are assembly hall and stationary film projector.

Every year the town becomes better and bigger. It develops according to general building plan. Truskavets is one of resort towns which has clear division on functional zones: health resort, residential, economic, forest park.

Nowadays all these zones are formed and function well. Resort zone is situated not only in the center of the town, but also on the slopes of mountains. There are both big modern sanatoriums and traditional Carpathian medical and guest houses.

The main bus station was reconstructed in the same style. Buildings of trading and other enterprises are decorated in original folklore architectural style. A lot of efforts are made to preserve ancient openwork wooden villas, which have magnificent architectural and artistic value. Without them resort would lose its unique appearance, special charm of comfort. All these buildings have been renovated and taken under state protection as monuments of wooden architecture of XIX-XX centuries.

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Economic and industrial zones have been moved out of the town. Buildings of trading and catering enterprises, garages, greenhouses and warehouses are located there.

We offer you to visit central part of Truskavets. Central square is the most beautiful in the town. Green tree-lined avenues, lawns and flower beds, comfortable benches - all this attracts visitors and town residents. Nearby there are several medical institutions and cinema “Zlata”. In the western part of the square there is original building of pump room, where every day people gather to take mineral water. In Shevchenka street you can see nice buildings of House of Culture, governance of trade unions, town council. In the forest park many rare plants grow: white pine, sumac, boxwood, acetic tree. Total area of forest park zone is 2600 hectares.

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Conservation zone of the resort town is expanding. Foresters restore the old green spaces and create a vast new ones. To this end, the maps-models with information about the features of the local flora were created. Seedlings are delivered from a special nursery and cuttings for grafting are taken from selected trees.

Along roads comfortable green alleys have appeared and delight the eye with their beauty, clean the air. Walnut, cherry, lilac are considered the best green filters. The architectural project of forest park zone is being created.

“Crystal Palace” is one of the most beautiful medical institutions. Its name comes from the beautiful interior decorated with glass, crystal, mica. Now the resort has a spa and several residential biuldings and dining club.

In the center of the city there are old and new buildings of gastroenterological sanatorium "Kashtan". It specializes in treatment of diseases of digestive system, kidneys, urinary tract and metabolic disorders. The sanatorium is equipped with modern medical equipment, has the necessary medical and diagnostic facilities.

There has developed and implemented a technique of complex treatment of patients with diabetes, rectal ozokeritotherapy, rapid determination of the concentration of sugar in the blood, methods of diagnosis and treatment of pyelonephritis.

The sanatorium complex in the mountainous part of the city became decoration of Truskavets. The largest sanatoriums "Kristal", "Almaz", "Rubin" and "Yantar" can simultaneously take on thousands of patients each. They specialize in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, kidneys and urinary tract. At the disposal of physicians - all the necessary diagnostic and treatment rooms.

Sanatorium "Shakhtar" of Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine is called as health palace, it is located in the southern part of the resort. Its main specialization is treatment of diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract, liver, biliary tract and metabolic disorders. The sanatorium has a swimming pool, a winter garden.

In sanatorium "Istochnik" school-age children with diseases of the digestive system and kidneys have good treatment.

In mountainous and central parts of resort there are intitutions such as spa clinic number 1 with bathrooms, mineral wax, physiotherapy unit and pump-room mineral water. There are 59 mineral, 5 carbonic, 5 pearl and one subaqueous baths, 20 couches for intestinal cleaning, department of hydropathy, inhalation, therapeutic pool. Pump rooms with mineral water from sources "Naftusya», № 1, № 2, occupy 1780 square meters. In some rooms the water is heated to 18-20 ° and 37-40 °.

Resorts of unions have bacteriological, radiological, immunological laboratories, offices of functional diagnostics of diseases of the digestive organs, dental, also private functional diagnostics of diseases of the cardiovascular system, clinical and biochemical laboratories.

Diagnostic base of the resort meets all modern requirements. Therefore, its popularity and number of visitors increases every year.

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