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Church of St. Anthony, Lviv

Saint Anthony's Church (1718) is located on Lychakivska street.

Actually, it's several objects that include, in addition to the church building, stairs, terraces, statues, vases, belfries. Complex and rich ensemble reveals itself to the viewer not immediately but gradually, with the climbing up.

At the bottom there is a balustrade and a statue of the Madonna with two cherubs on the sides. It is likely that it belongs to the incisor of a prominent Lviv sculptor XVIII century S. Fessynher. Executed with lyricism, femininity, warmth, the statue is a fine example of local decorative sculpture of the time.

A flight of stairs begins at the balustrade; on its turn there is an area, paved with slabs, in front of a narrow, upward frontage. It is completed with a baroque style shield with a niche, decorated with paintings and two vases on the beveled corners.

In the center of the facade there a portal with alike but smaller corners, frontones and vases, juts forward. Nearby, away from the the church there is a modest bell tower, built in 1818, designed by Y. Markl.

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view of the church of Sts. Antalya, Lviv apartments for rentChurch of Sts. Antalya, apartments Lviv

The interior of the church is pierced with the atmosphere of theatrical celebration. The old paintings are badly preserved, but a number of sculptures and altars in the rococo style, a large number of gilded decorative carvings and moldings, elegant curls and shells allow to sense the spirit of the time.

To complete the image of Lviv architecture of XVII-XVIII centuries, some more minor, but in their own way significant monuments should be mentioned. Among them there is the Evangelical Church on Zelena street (1685).

The classic rigor and restraint of decor here are softened by a slightly concave line of the facade, which gives the building picturesqueness and ease.
Small one-aisled churches of XVII-XVIII centuries, scattered across different, often remote parts of the city, present undoubted interest as well.

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