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Apartments booking:
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Church of the sakramentok, Lviv

The building of a former church of the Sacramentines on Tershakovitsiv square holds an unquestionable respect.

It was built in 1718-1743 (perhaps by the plan of B. Merstin); in 1881 it was capitally reconstructed, especially the interior. Considering the undeniable dependence on the Austro-Bavarian examples, the building is very individual and at the same time typical for Lviv architecture of the time.

Located in the middle of a large, expanded garden, surrounded by an old monastery wall, it has a very picturesque look.

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grace of the church of sacrament, rent apartments Lviv

If you look at the church from the main facade, it is represented by a huge cap of a high tower, set on the axis of the building.

It is even more emphasized by the lack of a portal: the entrance to the church was from the monastery building adjacent to it. At the corners of the main facade there is a sort of cylindrical towers, hiding behind themselves side aisles.

The architect does not intend to identify the design and plan of the building. Dead stone is as alive: everything sails, waves, moves. The facade wall is bent; it it retreats backwards, then it rounds with the streamlined protrusions.

Volutes, niches, turrets, lunettes, dual and triple pilasters of a complex profile create smooth oscillation amplitudes. The appearance of the church is majestic in its own way; the dynamics of its forms please the eye, it fascinates with its solemn festivity.

Stricter and lapidary side facades are designed in a little bit different way. The main decorative motive of these facades are the windows in the form of ellipses, decorated with beautiful moldings.

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