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Lviv theaters

The revival of cultural life in Lviv in the early nineteenth century. It caused the construction of a variety of entertainment facilities.

The first specially zaproektirovanoe premises for the Municipal Theatre are within the scope Kamyanitsa Skarbka, J. Salzman built in 1837-1842 gg. by architect L. Pihl (now the Ukrainian Drama Theatre. M. Zankovetska).

The lobby, foyer, designed for a half thousand seats chetyrehyarusny auditorium, stage and hall for public meetings arranged in north-south axis in the center of a huge rectangular plan. The entrance to the theater on the south facade of the exquisite designated for a six-figure Ionic portico, put to the massive arch entrance. However, the kind of facilities that had a multifunctional character, did not meet the image of the theater building as a whole.

This disharmony is the appearance and functionality seen in the private theater-cabaret end of the nineteenth century. on the street. P. Morozov, 3 (now the House of Folk Art). Vtisnennaya in terraced houses in the lower floors of the building has a semi-circular auditorium, inscribed in a rectangular plan and a five-story shestiokonny facade, made in neo-gothic style.

Assigned to the architecture of the nineteenth century. the task to create a "temple of art", the new requirements associated with the mechanization of the scene and fire safety, impact on the decision of the new City Theatre later Lviv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Ivan Franko (now Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre. Krushelnytska). The theater was built in 1897-1900gg. by architect H. Gorgolewski, who won the competition. Successful in terms of urban development on the setting of the theater's main avenue axis require additional engineering design and installation of a special concrete foundation in marshy soils Poltva backwaters of the river.

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The basis of the composition laid tested in the best European theaters reception scene selection and volume of the auditorium with placed around the perimeter of the lobby and the lobby.

Traditional theaters for the period of the eclectic architectural forms are Renaissance Revival architecture, including a composition of facades of large orders and magnificent sculptural decoration. In the niches of the second tier of the main facade installed allegorical figures of "Life" and "Art" by sculptor A.Popelya, at the level of the attic - the image of the Muses, and on the front is made of bronze statues of winged "Fame", "Victory" and "Love" by Ukrainian artist P. Viytovicha.

Marble and gilding, sculpture and painting applied in the design of festive, beautiful interiors. The painting was commissioned academic theater Lviv famous painters of the time. Allegorical mural in the lobby fulfilled T. Popel, D. Kotovsky Ribkovsky T., M. Gerasimov, Z. Rozwadowski, V. Krinitsky.

Scenes from the different performances in the foyer of the second tier wrote Dembitsky S., J. Zuber, A. and S. Avgustinovich Batovska. Plafonds auditorium depicting the nine Muses and the "Triumph of Glory" belongs S.Reyhana brush. Brightly decorated chetyrehyarusnogo large hall designed for 1100 seats, completes the stage curtain, painted by one of the most prominent academics, vipusnikom Petersburg Academy of Arts G. Semiradsky.

One of the best theater facilities of our country has witnessed epochal event: 25-28 October 1939. it adopted a declaration on the establishment of the Soviet regime and the reunification of the Western Ukraine with the Ukrainian SSR.

Halls for concerts and meetings were provided in buildings that were built in the order of various companies. For example, after the reconstruction of the stage of the former "Catholic house" in Neo-Romanesque style in the present street. Gorodetsky (Z.Kendzersky architects A. Opole) used theater of the Soviet Army.

Philharmonic with two halls on ul.Chaykovskogo located in the home of the Musical Society, erected in 1910. by architect B. Sadlovskogo in the style of early modernism.

Interesting architectural solution has a prismatic volume of the former Chamber of craftsmen (currently Puppet Theatre Street Gavrishkevicha.), Which is based on the motives of the Renaissance architecture in Central Europe - the arcade in the ground floor level and coronary attic currencies (. 1912) We are only partially opened you the beauty of the city theaters the history of Ukraine - Lviv.

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Unique monumental paintings preserved in the halls of Ukrainian Music Society. M. Lysenko (now the School of Music on the street. Shashkevych). The images of folk singers and musicians, fabulous tangles stylized floral ornament, bright pyshnokrasochnom coloring mural author M. Sosenko sought to convey a sense of identity and the importance of Ukrainian national culture. High relief portraits of Shevchenko and M. Lysenko performed sculptor G. Kuznevich. The very structure, poorly placed in close impasse, was designed by architects A. and I. Lupshiskim Lewinsky late modern forms klassitsistichnogo direction, typical for the time of its construction (1914-1916rr.)

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