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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Villas and hotels in Lviv

Traveling to Ukraine, it is simply impossible to ignore the city of Lviv, known throughout the world for its history and architectural elegance.

Obvious examples of originality of architectural forms are old private villa, which remained from the rich nobles, as well as hotels in the city center.

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Vividly novelty techniques, expressed in free komponirovke various architectural forms, can be traced in the works related to the passage of "national romanticism". The inclusion of motifs, close to the folk wooden architecture of the Carpathians and the Tatras, namely high roofs with large overhangs, picturesque bashtok, colored tiles, ceramics, wood carving imitation - all this is typical for a number of mansions Chuprynky street.

Return to the classics in the early twentieth century, there is the example of classical architectural forms Skibnevskih former villa in the street Chuprynky, 91 and upgraded orders of the former palace of the Bielski - Today the Teacher's House.

Originally interpreted by the classical architecture of the noble estates of the basis for the so-called "courtyard style", which in a certain way influenced the individual building of the 1920s on the outskirts of the city.

Exterior architectural appearance of the hotel, the peak of the construction of which took place at the beginning of the twentieth century, not unlike the multi-family housing. They are characterized by maximum utilization of the area of ​​building sites, the corridor layout with a bilateral arrangement of various capacity and comfort rooms, including in the first floors of restaurants, cafes and shopping areas.

In the forms of Renaissance built the largest city hotels - "Grand Hotel" on the prospect of Liberty and the hotel "George" on Mickiewicz Square. At first, "George" hotel was decorated with allegorical figures symbolizing Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Unfortunately, these sculptures have not been preserved, and the old hotel was only a statue of St. George, which dates from the beginning of the XIX century.

A peculiar type of structures that combine the functions of hostels and educational institutions, were so-called "academic home" and bursa.

Real masterpiece of this style is the sac current Ukrainian Pedagogical Society, which is now the main building of the Forestry Institute.

Typically, the composition triaxial facade thanks to the skillful use of stylized motifs borrowed from the arsenal of the Ukrainian national architecture, causes the viewer vibrant art association.

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