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Apartments booking:
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Mansions in Lviv

Except for a few examples of economic housing construction in Lviv period of capitalism as a whole was of a distinct class character.

housing distribution through ownership illustrate palaces significant magnates and nobles, as well as numerous mansions and villas that have emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century.

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From the noble houses in the classical style is preserved an interesting house on the street Green, 24. The original monument of architecture of a former palace Bavorovskih library, built in the second to consist of the nineteenth century. In the design of its facade attracts the attention of a relief sculpture of the famous architect Shimzera.

One of the best works of this period is the former palace of Didushitskih outdoors Theater, 18. Among other developments of the old town it allocates a large scale Tuscan order in the form of columns.

Apparently, in the early twentieth century, no other type of construction did not allow such a space for the development of various architectural themes and composite solutions, as an individual housing.

The palatial building were used different directions Renaissance - Italian and late French, with characteristic poslednevnosti high scalloped roofs and baroque features.

The first direction concerns the former palace Goluchowski at the corner of Mickiewicz and Kuibyshev, as well as the palace of the famous historian Lozinski in the street Stefanik, 3, which now houses the city art gallery.

Many mansions of this period much deviation from the classical scheme of the palace building and the transition to asymmetrical compositions, due to reasons of convenience and functionality premises.

Specific examples can be called Renaissance-Baroque villa in the Matejko street, 4, Metrology, 14, Dragomanov, 42.

Among the rather rare in residential construction in Lviv examples of neo-Gothic stands built of red brick mansion Workshop Nowakowski artist outside Mickiewicz, 11.

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