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Apartments booking:
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v. Lushmory, Carpathians Lumshory

Western Ukraine is world famous for its resort towns and villages. Such an amazing and unique nature, perhaps, in the whole world. That is why every year it attracts many tourists from all over the country and even from abroad.

It is in this place is the village in the Carpathians Lumshory.

This hydrotherapy and spa resort became famous since the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Located on the village Lumshory Turichka River, and not far from it you can see the amazing waterfalls. In addition there are a number of ski slopes with lifts.

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The main attraction Lumshory can be considered vats of warm water from the mineral springs, which includes hydrogen sulfide, these sources were used in Lumshory for medical procedures in the 18th century. The main direction in the treatment of hydrogen sulfide baths are diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

One of these ancient vats located in Austria, the second found in Lumshory and is now actively used for the application of medicinal baths.
Such tanks are currently used by some, they are right next to the river. Chan is filled with cold water from the mineral springs, and then put on his bottom river stones, and then the water is heated using an open flame.

Once the water reaches 30 degrees it begins receiving baths. Immersion in hot water in the vat, alternated with cooling in a mountain stream.

Clean air, the greatness of the Carpathian mountains, the amazing beauty of the terrain and a mild climate have created almost ideal conditions for a comfortable stay.

Modern hotels offer well-developed infrastructure, and outdoor enthusiasts will be able to choose for themselves a lot of different entertainment.

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