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Apartments booking:
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Lviv in XIX century

Probably very interesting learning about the cities and countries that have been or still dream of visiting. Website Arendaplus will help you to realize a dream - to visit in Lviv. We always look forward to your arrival! If you have not yet decided, then we offer you a bit of history. Imagine how Lions looked in the nineteenth century ...

Lions meet the era of capitalism in a state of ruin and decay caused by political and economic crisis of the Commonwealth.

Formation of its appearance as the administrative center of the vast province of the Austrian Empire was gradual. First up is the new administration has directed the construction of highways, streets, landscaping, improvement of sanitary conditions of the city.

The medieval part of the city banned the burial, but created a cemetery in Lychakivsky, Gorodotska, Yaniv and Zhovkva suburbs. To subordinate the church to the state, some churches and monasteries were closed and their buildings confiscated: Jesuits monastery and collegium took the provincial institution, the Franciscan Church - City Theatre, Trinitarian monastery buildings - university gymnasium and library.

Following the example of other European cities, medieval fortifications were eliminated in Lviv. From dismantled fortified walls it was used to build underground sewers, paved ditches along the road. To the east and west of the old town, on the site of the outer walls and ditches belt, the boulevards are green - the so-called Hetman shafts and Gubernatorial, and from the north and south - the new residential neighborhoods.

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In the early nineteenth century underground river Poltva proceeded openly, and for communication with the left bank of built-up and the first public park after she had transferred bridges.

In the historic center of a lot of old residential houses have been renovated and rebuilt in the style of classicism. Their height is increased to four floors. To improve communication Market Square with the surrounding areas, in addition to transit the streets of Krakow and Galicia made the continuation of the streets and Drukarska Srpska.

Also new appearance becomes Market Square.

Created project trough the leveling of surfaces - it decreased from the periphery to the center. The area gets a modern paving, at each corner by a fountain made with marble sculptures - Neptune, Diana, Adonis, Amphitrite.

In the center on the site of the medieval town hall comes disassembled large four-story house the new town hall in the style of late classicism.

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