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Apartments booking:
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Podzamche, Lviv

Almost simultaneously with the first mention in the middle of the XIII century in the annals of Lviv it appears the most ancient part - Podzamcze.

His name is obliged to finding the area on the north side of the foot of the hill on which was located surrounded by ramparts and palisades High Castle, built by the founder of the city of Leon Daniel of Galicia.

Prince's castle, which has become an outpost in the way of the enemy for centuries did not stop the war, it has been associated with a roundabout city Pidzamche secret underground passage, which could accidentally discover during the repair work at the beginning of the XX century.

In the Middle Ages were Pidzamche princely towers, where began a sharp descent to the old market. It is these places that are protected by towers and walls, were the heart of the city. And only in the second half of XIV - early XV centuries Lviv has shifted to outskirts of the Church of St. Nicholas in the direction of the modern market square.

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Despite the fact that time does not spare unique architectural structures princely times (as in the XIX century was pulled built of rough stone blocks of the famous castle - High Castle, in whose dungeons languished losers of Grunwald Knights), following along the historic Volyn way, and today we can see ancient temples adorn the city and the remains of fortifications.

In Pidzamche center, Old Market Square, is still in the church of St. John the Baptist, who according to legend was built for the wife of Prince Lion - Hungarian princess Constance. Its modern form of this monument of architecture acquired in 1887, before having been in the possession of many owners, including the Catholic Order of the Dominicans, and then Armenian-Uniates.

Now here is a museum, where the visitors are offered layouts of Lviv in the Middle Ages. Of no less interest are the church of Lady of the Snows, which became a haven during the shooting of the film for D'Artagnan, as well as Benedictine Monastery, who served in the Middle Ages, at the same time a fortress with strong walls, and later architectural structures of the past.

On our excursions our guides not only tell about Podzamcze, but also show clearly how Lions infancy.

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