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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Unforgettable Lviv

Lviv real diamond of Eastern Europe, there is a 2000 historical, architectural and cultural monuments. Today Lviv is a treasury of national ideas and culture, is the economic, educational and cultural center of Western Ukraine. There are many museums, art galleries, theater and music troupes.

You should certainly visit the Lions. City like you once, believe me, you do not even want to leave it. Magic narrow streets bewitch its ancient buildings, and the history of paving stones, laid in Lviv, reaches thousands of years.

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In Lviv, many magical and very cozy parks. Every part of the city has its own park, which in addition to greenery and trees, you can see the monuments of architectural art and majestic history of the city of Lviv. It comes to the city a large number of young people in Lviv are all conditions for Me, from us you will be able to apartments in Lviv for daily rent at the best prices apartments and enjoy your stay in Lviv.

Lviv also always been famous for its beautiful women. Even if you go back in history, we recall that the famous Roksolana, which captivated the heart of the most powerful Turkish sultan of all time, was from the town of Rohatyn, who is far away from Lviv. And Salome Krushelnytska, in honor of which bears its name Lviv Opera House, its unprecedented beauty and singing won the heart of Europe itself - majestic Vienna!

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Among the most significant in the whole of Europe Lviv museums: Lviv Art Gallery (Art Gallery), National Museum, History Museum, Museum of History and Religion, Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, pharmacy museum, literary-memorial museum of Ivan Franko literary memorial museum Krushelnytska, Museum of folk architecture and life (Shevchenko's grove), Natural History Museum, "Mermaid Dniester" Museum, arsenal.

Due to the fact that Galicia from 1918 to 1939 was the territory of Poland, the Bolshevik-Stalinist cultural repressions have not touched it. That is why, if the Ukrainian lands of the USSR destroyed 80% of the cultural heritage in Lviv remained the richest in Ukraine collections of books and works of art. More than half of the architectural monuments of Ukraine - Lviv.

We give you the chance to see museums of Lviv with Arendaplus - Apartments Lviv, Morshyn, Truskavets, Skhodnitsa.

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