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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Naftusya in Truskavets

The picturesque resort of Truskavets is located in the north-eastern foothills of the Carpathians in the west of Ukraine, 100 kilometers from Lviv, a few dozen kilometers from the border with Poland, and a little more than two hundred kilometers from the border with Slovakia and Hungary.

At an average temperature in the summer and autumn period, which is about 20 C, Truskavets resembles the Alpine foothills, and in these places reigns eternal spring.

Truskavets is surrounded by rolling hills on which grow thick coniferous and deciduous forests. Close to the resort, in a valley of two mountain streams and Wisznice Vorotishche is bar, which hit the keys with the famous mineral water "NAFTA".

If you want to come to Truskavets medical treatment or for a longer time, our site Arendaplus give you the opportunity to apartment in Truskavets for daily rent apartment or house in Truskavets.

The official date of birth is considered to be the resort of Truskavets in 1827, when it was discovered hydropathical 8 cabins for mineral fonts. However, worldwide fame resort Truskavets shall not chloride sodium waters, and, of course, healing waters Naftusia, first mentioned in documents as early as 1469. In the book "Natural History", published in Latin in 1721 in Sandomierz, provides valuable information for us today that "... the peasants Truskavets and other villages of Galicia drink water with an admixture of oil for the treatment of many diseases."

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However, neither the choleretic, diuretic properties Naftusi or not is the essence of its beneficial effect on the body. They - only satellites of its main effect is aimed at cells of the immune system. Therefore, if a diuretic effect is not evident, as is the case in one third of patients, this is not evidence of absence Naftusi healing effect on the body's defenses.

How it happens? It appears that the cells that "eat" pathogens (phagocytes) and produce antimicrobial substances (B-lymphocytes), present the same enzymes as in the liver and kidneys, which relieve the body of oil-like substances.

It follows that the immune cells are also subject to the effects of these substances. The latter act on immune cells, either directly or after prior binding to liver cells with proteins, i.e. converting a so-called antigens - the usual stimuli.

Finally comes the normalization of disorders of immunity, which contributes to the total or partial cessation of inflammatory infectious process in any system.

That is why NAFTA is able to treat pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, gastritis, etc. Studies have shown that NAFTA, devoid of germs by passing it through a fine porosity filter, and naphtha, which contains microbes but killed by ultraviolet radiation significantly different from natural Naftusi that contains live bacteria.

That is why every year thousands of tourists come here - travelers and the attending people. Places in spas are often busy, and we offer you a cozy home room in a family house or an apartment house with all amenities. Here - all conditions for living with children and even pets can travel with you, that it is impossible in sanatoriums and hotels of the city.

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