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Apartments booking:
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The beauty of Lviv and his legend

Lviv - city of eternal stories and very beautiful women.

This is one of the most famoust and old cities in Ukraine. Here you can find a lot of cheerful people and really nice friends. Different stories and ancient legends about this city will accompany you during your staying here.

If you are lucky enough to rent an apartment in the center of Lviv, you will notice that almost all of the central streets of Lviv are permeated by trams. Here you can see so many trams, that it may seem as if it is the only public transportation in the city, though, if you look closely, there are also shuttle buses and trolleybuses.

Lviv courtyards create a special atmosphere of romance and nostalgia. There you can find yourself in another dimension, where even time flows differently. If you choose to rent one-bedroom apartment in an old house to plunge fully into the atmosphere of the old city, it will be a great idea.

Rynok Square - one of the oldest areas of Lviv (XIV centuary). Apart from the corners of the square and its sides form 44 buildings that are a lot of beautiful architectural monuments. In the center of the square there is the Town Hall with the tower itself, which offers a magnificent view of the city, even in the twilight, fog and bad weather.

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No doubt the beauty of Lviv women. There is even a legend about how the weakest part of humanity once saved the city and its residents to death.

In 1283 the Tatars tried to capture Lviv. Their leader, Khan Telebuga, stood with his army under the walls of the city for two weeks and already thought that the besieged should die of hunger - but the town did not give up. Ambassadors were knocking on the door and was about to open Lviv. But the women convinced everyone to wait more.

Lviv women quickly ran home, rolled out empty barrels and placed them on the streets upside down. Then thay collected the remains of cereals, flour, grains and sprinkled them with a slide at the bottom of an overturned barrels.

"Well, - said the woman - now call busurmans!"

Tatar ambassadors wandered around the city. And everywhere they look there were full barrels of provisions and even under the feet of livestock confused: pigs squealing, hissing geese. So just guess what made Telebuga Khan, after hearing the report of his ambassadors...

In short, Lviv it is a wonderful city. Sometimes it seems that we do not choose a place to visit, but they choose us. Lviv has managed to retain much evidence of its long history, and that why this city is really worth a visit.

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