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Blacksmiths days in Lviv

From 6th to 9th of December we invite you to visit Lviv, because at this time in our city will be a festival of blacksmith art in a part of large festival "Night in Lviv".

This is not the first days of blacksmithing skill in Lviv. More recently, in July, experienced blacksmiths restored gates of the Museum of the History of Religion, and officially opened forged bicycle parking near the Rynok Square, on the Museum Square.

Then come to the festival guests and master almost from all the cities of Ukraine, during the three days there were a variety of master classes in blacksmithing, as well as at the festival can be purchased forged interesting sculptures, delicate candle holders, horseshoes for good luck, romantic wrought-iron roses.

This year organizers of the festival promise to guests at least a rich program, a large forge fair, workshops for forging and lots of fun and a lot of positive emotions.

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Returning to the festival, we should note that today blacksmithing skill rare both in Ukraine and abroad. Surely it is the fact that this is an unpopular profession blacksmith, blacksmiths integrates with all the cities of our country and inspire them to carry out various festivals.

Before the war, there were annual international festival of blacksmithing in Donetsk, today continue to organize the festival in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.

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In Lviv blacksmithing has its own history. Production of iron and its processing by hot forging were popular in the Middle Ages, when Lviv was the part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even then, the smiths in the city were divided in profiles, someone was producing weapons, someone - decorative objects and furnishings, horseshoes, a variety of tools.

Blacksmiths, are very different people, they often traveled all the time, because among them there are even lots of Roma. But local forge blacksmiths worked and permanent. Method of their work is very interesting.

First they warmed up iron or steel in the forge, where blazing charcoal, by fanning the flames with the help of bellows nozzle. Often the smith had improvised a male student.

Hold the pliers object on the anvil, blacksmith hammering taught at hand, which beat the hammer to give the object the desired shape. At the end of the work the object is being lowered into the cold water, so that it hardened.

Since ancient times, forging machines themselves, and not changed, we changed except themselves. Blacksmiths profession is less popular, because within modern cities have such a small craft demand.

But this art has always been very romantic, and this technique is really fascinating, and you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with her personally, if you will visit Lviv Festival of blacksmiths.

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