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Apartments booking:
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Winter park in Lviv

City Lviv is really beautiful city not only by itself, but because it’s ancient streets and ancient architecture. Lviv also has some really wonderful parks that are landscaped for the best European traditions. Lviv parks have always been a city landmark.

Lviv citizens are really proud of their public gardens and parks even in those days, when the city was a part of Austria-Hungary and a part of Poland.

The most beautiful parks are located in the city center. It is well-known Stryiski park, where they like to be photographed newlyweds and lovers, it is also a square near the Powder Tower, where in addition to cozy cafes and shops can be found a small skate park for teens, namely the individual stands for a ride on roller skates, skateboards and bicycles.

Very nice park of Ivan Franko - a favorite place of the students, because this park is located between the large and prestigious universities of Lviv - near Lviv Ivan Franko University and the University of Lviv Polytechnic.

In winter it is very beautiful and well, there are a lot of snow on the trees, there is walking moms with kids and strollers, and dog lovers with their dogs.

Or maybe you've decided to celebrate New Year in Lviv and spend Christmas and other winter holidays? Then take into account that reserve an apartment is better in advance, and reservations will only be possible if you rent an apartment on five days.

In this you will be happy to help our site apartments in lviv for a day.

There you will find a large selection of apartments at a good price in the city center. Very often at this time of year, people visit with us more than a week, as the city planned a variety of events, parties, concerts and a great holiday near a Christmas tree. This year in Lviv is also planned many interesting activities.

Well, if you want a break from the hustle and walk through the parks of Lviv, you'll be very pleased with this choice, because in Lviv all the parks are very beautiful. The biggest movement in the winter there is Park of Culture.

Every year here specially equipped even real tracks for sledging, eating because you're relaxing with your children, they will be delighted with such entertainment. If you did not bring sleds, you can take them to hire a separate point of hire, which will also work in the park. Overall, Culture Park in winter is transformed into a great place of winter activities and attractions, and therefore changes its name for the season - becomes a winter park.

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In a park in the winter, you cannot just play in the snow and ride on a sled and ski, but also great to eat something tasty, drink hot beer, wine or tea, because there will operate Winter Fair.

For children here is always annual competition of snowmen, where people are choosing the most beautiful snowman. Passes are also a small fair, which play a variety of gifts, celebrating the Day of the winter sports.

Regardless of the weather and the mood is always fun, there are many attractions for children and music playing. And certainly, if you are the first time in Lviv, you will like Lviv parks, and you're sure to come back here again.

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