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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Active rest in Lviv

As in many other cities, in Lviv you can not only enjoy the beauty of an ancient architecture, exclusive cafes and restaurants, historical museums and a variety of excursions, but also you can relax you’re your friends or family at bowling, billiards, you can play poker, ride on horseback, get acquainted with beautiful girls in the casino or club.

That sphere of leisure and entertainment makes the city Lviv very attractive and beautiful. So when you stay for a while in Lviv, you always want to come back here again.

And to make your holiday even more memorable for you, our company Arendaplus offers you the best large selection of apartments Lviv apartment rental Lviv. Also on our website you can rent a house or a small villa in Lviv, and we assure you that contacting us, you will be satisfied.

Especially a lot of fun and exciting activities are planned during the winter holidays. In the Rynok Square will be opened a large ice rink. If you ride on skating on a winter evening, when the old building of homes on the Rynok will be highlight by the romantic light colored spotlights, you can feel yourself like the protagonist of a real winter fairy tale.

Another ice rink will operate on "Medical" - the sports complex on the Gorbachevsky Street. You don’t have a ski? Then you can easily select any on your taste at the box office.

Another popular entertainment industry among Lviv residents and visitors today can be called bowling. And that's not strange, because to drink a beer and roll the balls in good company - a great idea for leisure.

The largest bowling and entertainment center "City Bowling" is located in the hypermarket KING CROSS LEOPOLIS, not far away from the city. It offers only the new equipment and 16 new professional roads on which can play almost a hundred people.

It is the largest bowling club in Lviv, but other bowling club you can find at the club "Mi100", as well as a bowling club "Ostrava" in the Konovaltsa Street.

Great success also enjoys horse riding. In many modern cities a horseback riding is prestigious and fashionable; it is always considered a sign of good taste. The most important advantage of riding for sure is that this truly beautiful view of outdoor activities people can engage in a completely different age, from the youngest to the most senior. Many would like to be engaged in equestrian sport, but just do not know where to start.

First, you must choose a good club and in our city there are lots of them. Each club has experienced instructors to help you find a common language with the horses and get the most out of this type of holiday.

For example, there is Lviv Hippodrome on the Stryiska Street. Note that this is there is new racetrack in Ukraine and the only in the territory of Western Ukraine. It is a kind of exclusive among all the other countries racecourses that it has three treadmills, built on the European model, and a lot of Thoroughbred horses. Here you will have the opportunity to take riding lessons, take a picture with a horse, and go on excursions to the stables.

Still a lot of fun can be found if you intend to stay in Lviv as long as possible. The key is that active sport opens many new features. It is practical, fun, useful, fashionable and leaves only pleasant impressions.

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