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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Christmas and New Year in Truskavets

New Year is always exactly this kind of event, which are prepared in advance. This also applies to the financial side of the issue; as in connection with a rise in price for all products, people today are already begin to buy all the necessary attributes of the New Year at the end of autumn.

Many people like to celebrate New Year at home, with friends and relatives. And some are choosing vacation in another city during the Christmas holidays, there are many days off, plus a winter vacation for children and therefore it is possible to treat your body and relax in the fresh air.

In western Ukraine have always been very popular resorts in small towns Truskavets, Morshyn and Skhidnytsia. On our site you will find many good apartments or houses that you can rent in these cities. The best option that we can recommend you, will be a meeting of the New Year in Truskavets – the best resort in western part of Ukraine.

Firstly, this small resort town has very good reviews and recommendations among travelers from many regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other countries. In Truskavets every year treated people who are concerned about problems with the bladder, liver, digestive system, gynecological diseases.

But apart from the fact that here there are well-developed medical branch also you can find here different motels, resorts, spas, because people come to Truskavets not only to heal, and to drink some mineral water, but also to have a good time and have fun with friends. So on New Year and Christmas in Truskavets are already planned many cultural events.

All the celebration will begin in mid-December, in the children's favorite holiday - the Day of St. Nicholas. Near the main stage in the center of the city people will put a Christmas tree and they will decorate it with different toys and candies, and children will be able to see the real St. Nicholas, and personally ordered him gifts, of course, if they are well behaved all year.

After that in Truskavets will start the celebration of the Catholic Christmas, because here as in many other cities in western Ukraine, lives Orthodox and Catholics people.

On the eve of the New Year in all hotels, spas, restaurants and night clubs will be many interesting events.

Live music, various singers and performance artists, abundant table - all this will help you to relax and have a good feel. You can also remove a beautiful apartment in Truskavets rent apartments in Truskavets and cook all your favorite dishes with your own, deliver and decorate your Christmas tree, or, at your request, it will be already waiting for you at the apartment booked in advance.

New Year's Eve in the big company in a new place is always remembered for a long time.

At Christmas in Truskavets will be a great contest dens. First of all “vertep” - a group of kids who put dramatized scenes of the birth of Jesus Christ. They will go from house to house and sing Christmas carols, after it all of them will gathered in the city center, where the jury will choose the best “vertep”.

There will also be competition of the most beautiful holiday attributes among all sanatoria of Truskavets, will choose the best tree. Some spas will take place even balls, masquerades; performances are different comedians, magicians, singers. Because all of it we believe that the New Year's Eve in Truskavets will be definitely remembered for you.

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